Hickey signs

When Kings PR calls in the middle of a vacation lunch, my heart sinks a little, but in this case it was just to say that first-round pick Thomas Hickey has signed a standard three-year entry-level contract. It’s mostly incentive-based with the kids, but Hickey is expected to spend next season with Seattle of the WHL anyway.

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  • aj

    lol, will you take a vacation already? why are you still posting on this blog???

  • tom

    I think he must be a fan too, as when I’m away from work I always keep an eye on the things I enjoy (KINGS)..
    Keep them comming Rich

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean he is headed for Manchester ? Or can we still return him to his junior team if needs be ?

  • Mike


    Why does your heart sink? you’re afraid of what it is? Or are you like me and just dislike work while you’re trying to get ready for a tee time?! Hahaha.

  • Marc Nathan

    Hickey is not eligible to play for Manchester. He will return to juniors, and this will not cost the Kings a year off of his deal.

  • Preston

    In reference to Marc Nathan.

    Where is your information on the signing based from? When does the first year of the deal actually begin if it is correct?


    Thanks for the info.

  • Ernest

    I think Rich’s idea of “Stepping Away” and mine is different. Not that I am complaining. I was bummed when I heard we wouldnt have ya for 2 weeks!

  • GMatsudas

    Marc is correct. Hickey still has junior eligibility. His contract with the Kings doesn’t start until he hits Manchester or Reading. Same goes for Bernier, who will be back with Lewiston next season.

  • Mike


    Marc Nathan said that Hickey won’t be in Manchester because the minimum age for the AHL is 20.

  • BobMillersHair

    In order to be eligible for the AHL, you have to be 20 years old or have completed your juniors eligibility. Tukonen for example played four seasons in Finland, so he was eligible to come over and play for Manchester before the age of 20.

  • No One

    The 20 year old requirement is in the agreement between the CHL and the NHL.

    Europeans and NCAA players can play in the AHL before they are 20.

  • No One

    The 20 year old requirement is in the agreement between the CHL and the NHL. Therefore, players drafted from the CHL (Juniors) have to be 20, or have fulfilled their 4 years of Juniors.

    Europeans and NCAA players can play in the AHL before they are 20.

  • Geno

    This is “staying away?” Two blog posts a day?

    I hope you’re not married and on vacation with your wife, otherwise you’re in deep, deep trouble.

  • Jerry

    …. Rich, im really looking foward to all the posts you do this year when the season starts ….and not on vacation

  • JB

    I cannot wait for the season to start so we can get back to Rich’s excellent coverage.

    For an example of what doesn’t work compare this to Christine Daniels and her LA Times sports blog. All she writes is these lengthy posts w/ gossipy type comments about the Dodgers and David/Posh Spice Beckham.

    I hope the Daily News gives Rich some resources so he can keep it up and grow the site.

  • triplcrown

    The Lakers already get the best of everything.

    For once, The Kings deserve The Best—I hope We get to keep you, Rich.

    You are solid gold to this hockey fan.

    SoCal Hockey NEEDS YOU!!

  • Pete, Lillestrm Norway

    We need you Rich!
    I start every day with a good cup of coffee and your blog. Great start of the day.


  • BobMillersHair

    Its been 44 hours since Rich has updated this blog. What is the going bet that we get an update from him today… I dont know what he can give us as an update on but I am sure he cant stay away. I sure and the hell cant. I visit just to read all of everybody elses drabble in the hopes to get an update from our boy.
    ….Thats your cue Rich….
    Hook it up

  • HockeyOnly

    Well I’m sure everyone who comes in here to read Richs great coverage of info about the Kings from DL are having withdrawal pains like I am since he’s on vacation. I’ll bet the Fresno Falcons get better coverage then the Kings do. Of course back in 93 when they were really hot and on the way to the Cup Finals, that’s all you read about. I played out here in the late 50’s and some of the guys I played with had played in the old PCHL and to tell you the truth, hockey is looked at now, the same way it was back then, not much has changed, still riding the back of the sports pages out here. We have amateur teams out here that have won championships up north of the border and unless you know someone with the team you’ll never hear about how some of these kids are doing. Does anyone remember where Richard Park was rated before he went to Canada to play. I understand from folks who played at the Norwalk Ice Arena at that time when he was 14, he was the 4th rated 14 year old in the U.S. but you’d never would have known. Well I’ve added enough dribble for the night, Rich needs a back up.

  • GMatsuda

    Since Rich isn’t around…the Kings just announced that they have signed right wing John Zeiler to a multi-year contract.

  • Daniel
  • preston

    Does anyone know when training camp starts??

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