Ask Jim Fox

Since it’s been a while, how about a new feature? Kings broadcaster Jim Fox has graciously agreed to come on board as a guest blogger, in a question-and-answer format. Feel free to post your questions here, and I will forward them along to Jim and get his answers. I can’t promise that Jim will be able to answer every single question, but we’ll try to get a good cross-section of topics.

Jim has been recognized by Sports Illustrated for his work and, for two consecutive years, has been named by the Daily News as Southern California’s top sports television analyst.

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  • Marc Nathan


    Long time fan, (as you know.) Can you take us back to your rookie season (my favorite Kings season, personally) and tell us about some of your first NHL memories (on and off the ice šŸ™‚ )

  • Scott

    What is the secret behind the best hair in Southern California? C’mon, Jim, what products are you using?

  • Jonny

    Do you think it would make any sense to bring in a guy like Raycroft? How confident are you in LaBarbera’s abilities?


  • Fernando Casillas


    Can you give a breakdown of the possible line combinations that we might see this year?

  • Mike

    1) There was an article about Bob Miller in the Press Telegram. In it, Bob was quoted as saying, “”I want to congratulate the Anaheim Ducks for winning the Stanley Cup. But that said, I’m jealous, I’m envious, I suspect I’m even sulking a bit. I always wanted the Ducks to win a Stanley Cup after the Kings did.” Bob’s always a class act but one has to feel that he shared the same amount of envy and heartbreak shared amongst the Kings fans to see Anaheim win the cup after having ended the Kings 40th Cup-less season. How did you feel after The Ducks etched their place in history?

    2) In a game that The Kings played in Florida where they routed the Panthers. You stated that things were fun around Los Angeles these times. You did clear the statement by saying that it did not seem that way by the Kings’ losing record, but you stated that the youth of the team and the direction of the organization was exciting to see. What’s most exciting?

    3) Do you have any particular favorite game of the past season? Any memorable ones?

    4) Out of the Kings’ current roster (Cammalleri included, (wink!)), who reminds you most of the way you used to play the game?

    5) Why do you feel Sean Avery has thrived so much in New York in contrast to his play in Los Angeles?

    6) London. Excited for the game or Nervous for the travel? Aren’t you glad you’re not a player anymore?

    7) Finally, most memorable Kings game that you and Bob called?

  • Jackie

    No question, but WE LOVE YOU JIMMY!

  • Anonymous


    If you were the head coach of the Kings this season, what line combinations would you start the season with (both forward lines and D combos)? Obviously, this would be based on who you think will make the team this season.


  • Brian


    First, thank you so much for doing this for the fans. My question is this……….how has the game changed (on the ice) between now and the time you played?

  • HockeyOnly

    Jjm, why would the Kings even think about bringing in another goaltender, unless they are going to move someone like maybe Detective Cloutier, I think it could do the same damage that having Hasek around when Emery was trying to get his confidence in goal, that is if you have the Detective, Raycroft and Labs.

  • Pete

    Hi Jim,

    Were you as shocked as we were when DL selected Hickey with the 4th pick, or were there whispers thru the organization that a “surprise” was imminent? And can you comment on some of the other players the Kings selected this year.

  • Chris

    Hi Jim,

    We all know about Dean Lombardi’s previous GM stint with San Jose. Based on the Sharks’ depth of home-grown NHLers, it seems he was especially successful in scouting and developing young players. The 2007 entry draft was the first draft where Dean Lombardi and his amateur scouts had a full year behind them as part of the Kings organization to watch young players, evaluate their talent, and make some picks based on all their hard work. From what you’ve seen & heard so far, what’s your take on Lombardi & Co.’s ability to sniff out players that will blossom into bona-fide NHLers? What sort of player does he seem to have a preference for? Do any of this year’s picks especially intrigue you? Can enough be said about Lombardi’s passion for scouting and developing young players? Thanks!


    When did it hit you that Kopitar was a special player, and a cornerstone of the King’s franchise?

    Thanks Rich and Jim

  • Mark


    Knowing that you started out well in your rookie season, what secret did you pass down to Luc when he arrived?

  • Dan

    Hey Foxy!

    Great to have this chance to chat with you. (Rich, this blog is outstanding!)

    1. Given the number of years that the Kings have struggled to find themselves, are you excited about the upcoming season? Why, specifically?

    2. What do you think has been the biggest obstacle to the King’s success in the past? Do you think that this team and the new management have finally figured it out?

    3. Who do you think will be the biggest star next year and why?

    4. Who are you voting for – Hilary or Obama? There really is no other choice is there?

    5. If you could play on any past Kings team, which one would it have been and why?

    Thanks Jim and thanks Rich for making this conversation possible!


  • Mike

    Seriously Jim, Paul Mitchell or Vidal Sasoon ? In all honesty many kingsfans are very optimistic after this summers free agent signings. From your standpoint, what changes can we expect in the a Kings system due to all the offesive punch on the blueline?

  • Aaron


    Thank you for taking the time to do this. I would like to get your thoughts on the 5 UFA’s the Kings signed this summer in Pressing, Handzus, Nagy, Calder, and Stuart?

    Do you think any of them is capable of really stepping up and surprising everyone?

  • Jim, how many times did Ed Hospodar save you in juniors or how many times did you save him?!!


  • Ex-Sportswriter

    Forget Hillary or Obama … Jim Foxx for President!

    Seriously though, I would vote for a hockey puck before I would vote for Hillary. She seems so contrived when she answers questions on TV or in public.

    Jim, how about a run at the Presidency? If not that, what do you think your next job will be after doing color commentary (you are the best, by the way!) for the Kings?

    Coaching, perhaps?

  • Lucky

    Jim, who is your suprise pick to make the club? What do you think of the teams D ?

  • motor701

    Hi Jim,

    From your standpoint, where do you see the Kings finishing this season? Are we playoff bound given the added players? Thanks in advance!

  • Nick

    Hi Jim,

    What did you think of O’Sullivan after the call-up compared to the first stint with the team? Obviously he was better, but with you being a former forward, I would be interested in hearing your perspective on how much better.


  • trapper9

    Jim, your awesome! thanks for all the work you do both for the Kings and in the community.

  • Chuck

    Jim, who do you feel has been the Kings best goalie over the past 25 years?

    Do you see a future top goalie in the system now?

  • Steve

    What is the fascination of Deam Lombardi bringing in useless players like Scott Thornton and Brian Willsie? Jim I know you cringe your teeth in the broadcast booth when either one of those players are on the Ice. Why was Modry resigned when some of his money could have went to futue impending free agent Mike Cammalleri? Lastly do you see Lombardi going after the likes of Danny Heatly, Marion Hossa, or Mikka Kippursoff next season?

  • Shawn

    Hi Jim,

    I always wanted to know where the Kings hide the foghorn and where the sound comes from inside the arena?

    Appreciate it if you can answer that for me.

    Thanks keep up the good FRO.

  • Harry

    I think this is a question that only another professional hockey player can answer.

    Jim, is it possible for a player in his mid-late 20’s to still change the way they play the game?

    Have you seen any players transform from being pigeon-holed as a specific style of player and blossom into a key player?

    The one name that stands out to me is Marty McSorley. When Marty broke into the league with the Pens, he was looked upon as just an enforcer, not earning much ice time and usually being used as a forward on the fourth line. He carried the same role in Edmonton.

    I don’t know what he did when he got to Los Angeles, but he quickly became one of the best defensemen in Kings history.

    Is it an intangible trait within a player (heart, will, determination) that drives them?

    What inspired Marty to change the way he played the game, and is it something that can be coached? Can a non-physical player suddenly develop the will to assert himself physically? Can a perimeter player be taught to pay the price in the corners and in front of the net?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

  • B.


    Please go through each free agent signed this summer and tell us how you see them fitting on the team and the role you expect them to play

  • D Elstan

    Hi, Jim:

    Have the Kings considered providing regular video features/progress reports on their prospects between periods (either created by the Kings or a local TV station where the prospect is playing)? This would allow fans to become more familiar with future Kings.

    Have the Kings considered any changes for between period programming on telecasts for the upcoming season?

    Thanks for all your great work and passion! My Wife loves all your “Foxisms” for describing the plays.

    D. Elstan

  • Andy Glas


    I’m sure you are traveling to London for the first two games. Have you heard word about the possible telecast?

  • Rob

    Which player do you think will have the most surprising year and why?

  • Jim,
    Who do you think will be in goal at the start of this season?

  • Vinnie

    Which Kings numbers would you like to see retired in the future, if any?

  • kingofdodgers

    I dont have a question, but i wanted to say thanks to Jim and Rich. There will be interesting answers coming to these questions.

  • Chris H


    I realize this would probably never happen but do you feel the NHL should shut a few teams down that are struggling in “non-traditional” markets in the name of strengthening the league?

    The growth of the salary cap since the lockout seems to be coming from the financial strength of the Canadian-based teams that sellout all their games, charge very high ticket prices, enjoy a very strong dollar and have huge profits. Comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Gollum65

    Great blog Rich! Thanks for writing it!


    Obviously goaltending is paramount on everyone’s minds.

    I’ve read rumors that if Ottawa could get Emery under contract, they’d be willing to trade Martin Gerber to the Kings.

    Now that Emery has signed, what do you think it would take to get Gerber here? Would you make a deal for Gerber?

    Thanks, and keep up the great work Jim!

  • Fat Elvis

    You improve each season Jim, great job.
    What’s your favorite place to eat?
    Favorite city other than LA?
    Who’s the new player/prospect that you’re most excited to see play?

  • mike

    how does our pp look compared to last season.

    do you think jack johnson has a solid show for rookie of the year?

  • Jerry


    What foward rookie do you think has the best chance to crack to kings lineup? also defensive rookie?…besides J. Johnson

    I’m not sure if you had a chance to make it to the developement camp, but if so, who was most impressive to you?



  • Allan

    With the Ducks winning the cup this year, how do you think that will affect the overall mood/attitude of the kings team/coaching staff and us fans?


  • fulton

    Hey Jim.

    Any chats with Bryan Murray lately?

    Honestly, that was one of my favorite Jim Fox moments besides stealing the puck from Gretzky in the Miracle game!

    Can you comment on how the rest of the team is impacted by the repeated poor play of its goalie?

    I’m just curious if guys essentially take the ice fully expecting to get bombed because of inadequate goaltending.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  • NMKingsFan

    My, how times have changed. Back in the day before The Hockey News knew there was a California(I would get each issue a month late)the Kings had two first round picks in the 1980 draft, after years of trading them away to Montreal. In that draft they picked Larry Murphy 4th and Jimmy 10th. The best first round for the Kings by far! Recently, the Kings have had decent first round success after years of terrible picks (Wayne McBean, Matt Zultek, Mathieu Biron, Craig Redmond, etc.) How do you see 2003 (Brown, Boyle, Tambellini-traded) and 2006 (Bernier, Lewis) panning out for the Kings, could either be better than 1980?
    Thanks Jim for making yourself available and thanks Rich for the great blog. I don’t have to wait by my mailbox for THN any longer.

  • Francis

    Jim, because of your commentary on the Kings broadcasts my significant other has become a big-time Kings fan.
    Thanks for the great job!

  • Gary B

    Where do you see the Kings finishing this year?

  • Mitch


    Do you see the Kings benefitting from the Ducks winning the cup? Is it going to help get more fans to Staples and better advertising revenue?

    Also, what are your thoughts on the players we selected in the draft last month.

  • Kyle B

    Hey Jim,

    You and Bob make the Kings Telecast the best in the League! Thanks!

    But, Jim, the Kings have been without THAT key player that really makes a difference for the team since Ziggy Palffy. With Palffy and five minutes left in the game, and down by a goal, there was excitement being that you knew something COULD happen. However in the last years since, there has not been that effective “star” quality player (Demitra was good, but not necessarily a key player). There was no Havlat, Kovolchuk, Heatley, the old Sakic…Last year the only player who could really skate into the zone across the blue line was Kopitar…Do you see the Kings pursuing any player to the caliber of “star” player?

    Thanks…as far as commentary, you are THE GREAT ONE! (Gretzky wasn’t much of a commentator)

    Thanks Rich for this thread and blog!!! Keep it up!

  • drew

    Jim, many thanks for taking the time during your vacation to talk with the fans! My question is this – how frustrating is it for you, the players and management to have a great sport like hockey being run into the ground year after year after year by a complete fool like Bettman?

  • CBGB


    Its always great to talk puck with you – you’re always very open and candid with your opinions and it is always appreciated.

    With that said, a few questions:

    1) Why pay Calder 2.75 mil – what has he ever done to deserve that kind of salary

    2) Why didn’t they resign Tom Kostopolous and who do you feel will take up the slack for protecting the players in the middleweight division. Old man Thornton?

    3) Nagy. He couldn’t get along with Wayne Gretzky, how is he going to adapt to Marc Crawford?

    4) You and I both know Frolov stepped it up after he was most likely going to be dealt to Carolina for Jack Johnson. Do you think he stays, or is there talk of acquiring more DL/MC type players?

    5) Do you feel the same way we feel about Modry?

    6) How DUMB was Aaron Miller? Held out for 2 years, but only got one at only 300K more than Modry.

    7) Stuart. A step in the right direction, or another Norstrom?

    8) If Cammalleri is awarded anything over 5 million, is he traded?

    9) You and I have talked about Dustin Brown’s “hockey sense”. Does he still fit in, or do you think he gets pushed back to the 3rd line with Armstrong?

    10) O’Sullivan. Does he have what it takes “upstairs” to stick around, or will the coaches patience be very thin this year?

    Thanks again.

    Your pal

    “Dancing Boy”

  • Vahe


    What is your favorite moment you shared with Bob in the booth?


  • Gabby


    Love the Kings, and love you and Bob doing the telecasts!

    I was thrilled when Lubo Visnovsky got his much-deserved raise and contract extension. I’ve got my fingers crossed that he’ll be a lifelong King. Do you think this is even possible in the current free agency era?

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  • Eugene

    Hi Jim,

    First, thanks for providing the insight that you do during Kings games. I have been following hockey for almost 15 years now and I learn something new every game.

    Do you see Fox Sports expanding coverage of the Kings ? We don’t always get the pre and post show (I think only during home games) and it would be nice if there were some sort of weekly show on the Kings that would create a human interest element.

    Again, thanks for everything.

  • patrick

    Jim, what was the worst pummeling you got in a game? I know this wasn’t yoru role, but perhaps you have a memory of a game that got particularly out of control.

  • Tom Hoffarth

    If I was to have friends over for dinner and plan to serve salmon with green beans and perhaps a zesty salad, what kind of wine would you suggest I serve with that?

  • 619KingsFan

    Hey Kings Fanatics!

    Tune into today between 3:30pm & 4pm to hear an interview with the Kings’ Michael Cammaleri. I have a feeling though, the Michael’s interview will have more to do with the NHLPA, and less to do with the Kings. . .

  • Ryan

    Great hair Foxy, my wife loves you.

    Do you think Modry will play as our #6 D-man or do you think a youngster — Petiot, Piskula, Harrold — will take his spot?

    Also, is O’Sullivan a lock for the team? Or do you think other rookie forwards could take the available roster spots?

  • Steve

    I had questions on this blog about why Lombardi is infactuated with useless guys like Scott Thornton, Brian Willsie, and Jaroslav Modry.

    My other questions was will the Kings be in the running next year for Mikka Kipursoff.

    Final question will be if the Kings will resign Camalleri.

  • CBGB

    In answer to TOM’s question…

    If you were to serve Salmon with a “zesty” salad, instead of wine, opt for champagne. It cuts down the “zest” and adds sweetness to an already delicious salmon.

    But if you insist on wine, a nice KISTLER will do just fine.

  • loose fur

    Big Jilm! What are your thoughts on the orginizations apparent focus on quality hockey people instead of soley talent. thanks, from a thousand miles away.

  • Rob

    Jim: Were you conscious of the point you started using FROM THE STANDPOINT OF and did you ever think it would become such a kings fan catch phrase

  • andy carter

    Hi Jim,
    To increase goal scoring, do you think the NHL could ban going down to one knee or lying down to block shots. Players would still be allowed to stand in front of shots to block them, they just couldn’t go down in any way to block a shot. I think this would allow more shots to get through to the goalie. What do you think?

  • andy carter

    Hi Jim,
    To increase goal scoring, do you think the NHL could ban going down to one knee or lying down to block shots. Players would still be allowed to stand in front of shots to block them, they just couldn’t go down in any way to block a shot. I think this would allow more shots to get through to the goalie. What do you think?

  • Brian McAfee

    Hi Jim, I want to thank you for all of your hard work representing the Kings. My son Sean attended Kings camp and worked at the camp later on also. We met you in Denver after a couple of games. Do you remember? My question is, do you think the free agents signed will help our PK and PP as they were a major problem last year? Thanks for taking the time to do this for all of us King fans. Brian McAfee

  • Chazz Loeks

    “4. Who are you voting for – Hilary or Obama? There really is no other choice is there?”
    Posted by Dan

    Come on now Ron Paul is a far better choice than either of them.

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