Cammalleri update

Here’s what Michael Cammalleri, golfing in Canada, told The Canadian Press today regarding his contract negotiations with the Kings:

“The Kings have yet to make me an offer,” Cammalleri said Wednesday during the NHL Players’ Association annual charity golf tournament. “There hasn’t been all that much communication. For me, I guess I can only take that as an indication of where I stand right now.”

Dean Lombardi’s response?

“To be honest, we’re pretty far apart,” Lombardi told The Canadian Press from his Los Angeles office. “But as ridiculous as it sounds, it’s still early in the process.”

Cammalleri’s arbitration hearing will be held Aug. 2 unless a contract agreement is reached.

Either tonight or tomorrow morning, I’ll be posting a great bunch of answers from Jim Fox. He’s in the process of answering a bunch of your questions right now and as always, Jim is insightful and honest.

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  • Vahe

    Its nervous time for the Kings to get a deal done with Cammy

  • Vahe

    Not looking good, it’s nervous time

  • Marc

    I don’t think people need be nervous…there is still a week until arbritration and DL is probably leveraging the idea that nobody wants to go to the trial. With a week to go, he can start negotiating and not drag out the ping pong effect of hammering out a deal.

  • Kingsfan27

    Wow. Cammy sounds disappointed to me. This sucks big time. DL said it himself that their far apart, and if Cammy feels that he’s underappreciated, he’s a goner.

  • Jon

    Cammy doesnt know where he stands. I know exactly where he stands, he is one of only two 30 goal getters on the team, and maybe a future captian. If Deano doesnt sign him long term before arbitration he should get his head checked, and if it goes to arbitration and Deano doesnt like the number they award him he either says no or signs him then trades him.

  • Bob Millers old Combover

    Hey, remember me?

    At any rate, my two cents are there does not need to be any worry.

    Still, lots of time before the arbitration. Negotiations generally start by DL making a terribly low offer, the agent countering with a terrible high offer and one gives. If it doesn’t happen, blame both parties. Still, Suter would look nice in a Kings uni. So would Maxim Afinogenov, Shea Weber or Brian Campbell.

  • lblocal

    If Eric Staal (30G,40A,70PTS) is making 4.5 per season with the Canes’ at 22 years old, then I’d imagine that’s about the range that Cammy (34G,46A,80PTS) should receive in a multi-year contract.

    A fair deal.. 5YRS/25M.

    And, please Deano, throw in some extra signing bonus $$$ for him… Mikey’s worth it!

    (Remember Butch Goring??)

    Don’t let this King go,

    C’mon boys… Gett’r done!

  • Ryan

    recently, i have seen Cammy compared to both Eric Staal and Thomas Vanek. Unfortunately he is neither one of these players. These guys are going to be franchise players or close to it. Cammy, while very valuable is not. That said, I would not disagree with a 5 yr/ 25 mil award. If he thinks he deserves more than that, then screw him.

  • Anonymous

    Personally I think Cammalleri is vastly overrated amongst Kings fans.
    Trade him now so that he’s not a burden on re-signing Kopitar and Johnson in the future.

  • dogking

    Cammy’s worth the 5 for 5, but i have to agree that he is not a franchise guy. I like his production and he’s worth some dough to the team, after all there is also a minimum payroll. (not that the Kings would ever spend to the limit) That said I’ve have thought for several seasons that the Kings have focused too much on defencive d men and have neglected offensive punch. Goal tending issues are a seperate matter. Forwards that score mucho points and d men that can move up ice quickly while forwarding the puck are the keys to winning hockey games.

    On the other hand, if Dean thinks he can sign another forward that produced close to 90 points last season for less money, he’ll be looking into a league I’ve never heard of.

  • Chris H

    I’m sure DL learned from his disputes in SJ (Nabokov & Rathje) to either sign him and keep him happy or trade him.

  • Cammy is one of the most exciting players I have ever seen play the game. He brings a lot of speed and energy, and he is very popular among kings fans, so there would be a terrible misstake not to sign him. Maybe he is replacable, but he is that kind of guy every team would want.

    I really hope they will sign him.

  • jb

    Cammy = to Eric Staal??? Staal is a Cup Winner and leader who played on a top team and got top defensive attention from other team’s. He put up similar #’s on what was considered for him and his team an off year. Staal in 05-06 had 100 pts. Camm had 55.

    I look at guys like Cheecho and Zetterburg when thinking of Camm. Or heck even Frolov. They’re top line guys making 3-4 million. Does anyone really think he deserves 5 years at almost the same figure as Lubo? Camm is still a kid who has had only 1 really great year preceded by a couple decent 20+ goal seasons.

  • mike T

    Ok King fans , here we go this is exactly what I have been telling people . This is what drives me NUTZZZ !. The Kings are gonna grab all this young talent and when it comes time to put up or shut up they will not step up and finish the job . Cammy should be signed long term right now !!!. The Kings have no reason to not get this is a future All Star and ” C ” . They sure as hell can’t use age or talent for an excuse ! If they blow this what are they telling the other young talent they have sold us on . OH THE PAIN OF BEING A KING FAN !!!!

  • triplcrown

    I say, 5 Mil per for 5 years, with these 2 incentives:

    If Cammi gets 90 pts OR 40 goals=$500K extra for season.

    If 100 pts OR 50 Gs, he gets $1 Million extra for season.

    I would hope that would
    do it.

  • JB

    Mike T: The Kings currently have $7 million in cap space. So if they sign Cam at $5+ that leaves them $2 million.

    Next year they have Brown & O’Sullivan up as RFA. And Blake, Stuart and Nagy are UFAs. How do you sign those 5 guys or replace them w/ only $2 million in the bank? And how do you have the room to make a play for a #1 goalie like Kiprusoff next summer if the opportunity presents itself?

    Also, in 2 years Kopitar and Johnson are RFA. Kopitar produced almost the same as Camm at a point a game in his 1st season. Heck if Anze stays at the same level the next 2 years that’s better than Camm who up until last season was a point every other game type player. What DL gives Camm sets the minimum for what Anze will deserve.

  • Daniel


    The Kings actually have $25M committed to 08-09 salary. Given a slight increase from this year’s cap, theoretically they will have over $25M to spend.
    So, they have enough to sign the RFA’s and maybe a Heatley or Hossa.

    MIKE T – What is nuts are the numbers being thrown at guys like Penner, Roy, et al. DL knows there are crazy deals out there and wants to keep his options open. Don’t worry about Cammy. He will get paid. If his feelings are hurt, SO WHAT. He’s a tough hockey player, right? As much as I love Cammy being a King, you have to understand that he is an asset that may be used to bring in something greater.

  • JB

    Daniel- That is only if you assume that all 11 UFA & RFA up in 08/09 are going to be let go. I’m looking at the fact that those 11 guys fill some key roster spots and are going to probably want the same if not more $. If any of those guys such as Nagy, Thornton or Stuart don’t work out this year obviously they are let go but you still have to fill their spots.

    The only guy out of those 11 I see taking a salary cut is Blake. Nagy and Stuart are hoping that they get back to top form and if they do they’ll want more or similar $. Or you let them walk but then you still have to fill their roster spot.

    The only factor is whether you think the kids in the system will be able to step up that soon and provide a cheaper alternative to resigning one of those 11 UFA/RFA guys.

  • Daniel

    Yes – actually, I am assuming most of the UFA’s will not be back next year. The only UFA’s we would want to keep are Blake and Stuart, if he does well. If Nagy breaks out, great. That means we keep 3. But Blake should go down from his $6M and that savings can be passed on the Stuart and/or Nagy. So it’s a wash from this year to next. Then we lock-up Brown and Sully, if he does well. The rest of the cap room we spend on a top-tier scorer like a Hossa or a Heatley.

  • daniel

    Make the deal, this team can’t afford to loose Cammy. I don’t care who you compare him to, he can play the game, great speed, and a natural goal scorer.

  • lblocal

    Perhaps in my earlier post, comparing Cammy to Eric Staal, some may say that I was not comparing ‘apples-2-apples’

    I agree, two entirely different centermen.

    Similar production 06-07.

    But with Derek Roy recently signing a 6Y/24M (4M AVE) I have to believe that Cammy is worth more than that to the Kings.

    Cammy is today’s “Butch Goring.” (with an edge)

    Don’t let this King go!

    (Just remember (or wikipedia it) what Butch did with the Kings, and after he was traded to the ISLE)


  • Tom

    Ryder just signed for 2.95 mil. He had 30 goals and 28 assists, at 27 he is undersized and is not great defensively. Cammy is younger and had a better season last year but, not significantly in any area. I think Cammy deserves a 4-4.5mil deal. If the Kings can resign him, expect more money and longer term.

  • jb

    Daniel- Even if you let Thornton, Wilsie, Modry and some of those other D-men go they only account for about $4 million in salary. You’ve still got to replace those 4+ roster spots.

    If we make the playoff because Nagy/Stuart have good years you can’t just let them go and hope that next season we can find a couple more “project” players that need to rehabilitate themselves and will take a discount.

    Camm needs to recognize the Kings are trying to build a team that will be good for years to come and they want him to be a part of that effort.

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