Cammalleri (minor) update

Dean Lombardi has booked his flight and hotel room for Toronto in advance of Michael Cammalleri’s scheduled arbitration hearing on Thursday. I’m told that negotiations are still taking place but obviously with every day that passes, a settlement becomes less likely. I’m also told that Cammalleri’s agent, Michael Gillis, is known for being a tough negotiator, even back to the time when Cammalleri was signing an entry-level contract with the Kings.

Now that I’m back in town, I’ll do some work on that tomorrow.

In other news, the Sports Business Daily is reporting that the NHL might return to ESPN2, as soon as the 2008-09 season.

I’ll have the last part of the Jim Fox Q&A up today…

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  • Gollum65

    First off, thanks again for this blog! It’s the best Kings related info I’ve found, and I read it daily.

    Now, as for Cammalleri, assuming the arbitration decision is reasonable, I say pay the man. I’m sure the Kings can afford it. This team needs to stop being cheap on it’s talent.

    Finally, to be honest I really hope the NHL doesn’t return to ESPN. The “anti-NHL” sentiment on ESPN since the NHL moved to VS has been so prevelant, it’s disgusting to watch sometimes.

    Most ESPN on-air talent don’t even try to hide their distaste for NHL hockey.

    And based on how little coverage the NHL gets on ESPN, I’d say the powers that be at the network aren’t all that interested either.

    To me it just seemed like ESPN was crying over spilled milk when the NHL left. “How dare you choose to leave big, bad ESPN for an up and coming network!!!!”.

    As you can tell, I’ve been pretty sick of it.

  • Brad

    Welcome back, Rich!

    As always, thanks for the info.

    Personally, I’ll take the NHL on ESPN2 over Vs. in a heartbeat. For hockey to be taken seriously, it’s got to be carried on a channel people actually receive! Plus, I want NHL 2night back!!

  • Anonymous

    I hope Lombardi booked his tickets through, I hear the owner of that site Mike Zampelli gives out awesome deals!

  • Jason Gallrado

    This just goes to prove that my best friend Laura in Simi Valley knows what she’s talking about!

  • Derek


    Do you have any more info on the ESPN thing? I don’t have a Sports Business Daily account, so all I can see is the one line summary which reads “ESPN in talks to replace NBC as NHL TV partner in 08-09, but Versus would have to sign off.” So does that mean ESPN2 would only take over the NBC rights and VS would still exist?

    Thanks as always,

  • Ex-Sportswriter

    Guess Sean Avery hasn’t changed his ways – or, at the very least, has not managed to shake his unfortunate reputation … check out the following update from the New York Post:

    Rangers Call Avery ‘Detriment’ In Brief
    July 30
    New York Post: “Rangers coach Tom Renney repeatedly referred to Sean Avery as one of the team’s most valuable components during the drive to the conference semifinals, so imagine the 27-year-old winger’s surprise and anger upon reading that management called him ‘a reasonably effective player as well as a detriment to the team,’ in the team’s salary arbitration brief that will be presented during today’s hearing at Toronto.”

    Sometimes, the truth hurts.


  • Chris H

    Another thing to remember is Cammy is in the NHLPA exec. The Union “encourages” players to go to arbitration if it looks likely they’ll win their case. This helps drive up salaries.

    I see this going to arbitration and getting interesting when DL has to point out all Cammy’s negatives. If it goes to arbitration he’s a goner by next season’s trade deadline.

    Trade him to the Thrashers for Hossa and sign Hossa to a long-term contract.

  • Eric

    Give the man his money! I just hope Penner didn’t screw things up…

    and Vs+ESPN is as bad as Vs+NBC… we need NBC+ESPN!

    even though ESPN really is making me sick of sports TV (Who’s Now was a sham, and i don’t need anti-NHL comments every day), the NHL needs ESPN to get back to prominence.

  • Regmac

    NYR mgnt forgets who puts butts in the seats….atleast the coach knows who adds to a team improving in the drive towerds something like THE PLAYOFFS…yes Sean sticks to “his ways”. Why change for those that don’t like you (They never will) and the ones that do like you will be p’d you changed.

  • Daniel

    Hockey needs a better home. Period. VS will not suffice. Yes, ESPN has turned into the sports equlivilant of FOX NEWS. But, it is the best place to watch sports LIVE. Notice to the NHL (i.e Gary Bettman) – The future of the NHL lies in it’s ability to translate to HD. Not YouTube. HD. (FYI – HDNET telecasts the best games on TV right now.) Put a camera inside the glass the same way the NFL puts a lens inside the boundry markers and you have GOLD. Anyone who has sat behind the goalie net knows what I am talking about. Continue to market to those who can’t affort HD monitors and service AND those who can. It’s the future. Welcome to it.

  • BBanzai

    I hope a deal can be made before the arbitration on Thursday and Cammy is signed long term. But recalling last year all the settlements seemed to favor the players and most were crazy high amounts. I hope the rullings in this year arbitration cases are a bit more levelled and fair to both sides.

    Please God get the NHL back on Espn! Its a matter of numbers and Versus WILL NEVER get the viewers that Espn gets! The NHL needs exposure and Versus just aint cutting it and never will.

  • dbushik

    So Rich, have any opinion on the ESPN2 speculation? I am wondering what this indicates.

    Is this just VERSUS going under? Does this mean the NHL is willing to accept less money to get on a better channel? Does this mean ESPN is willing to pay a higher price?

    I kind of wonder because of the potential revenue impacts. Not sure on the scale of the economics overall, but how much impact can changes in the TV revenues have on the league and salaries?

  • MattGeorge

    Avery deserves a little love for crying out loud… somebody on the team has to be that annoying little nat that you can’t get rid of.

    Avery does that and does it well… all we heard last year was how Avery had a huge positive impact on the rangers … good grief pay the guy already

  • damen

    I’m with Gollum65.

    I’d rather the NHL be on Vs where it is wanted. Beyond Linda Cohn & the hockey specific personalities you can pretty much bet everyone on payroll at ESPN downright hates or at least doesn’t care for hockey. They sure at least act like it.

    ESPN already announced long before they lost out to Vs that NHL2Nite was not coming back even if they got the contract. There will be no pre game & no post game. And just like NBC moved an overtime of a playoff game to Vs to show horse racing, ESPN2 will put the NHL lower on the totem pole than everything else. So be prepared to watch OT of Louisville v Carolina A&T basketball game while missing the first 8 minutes of an NHL game.

    Of course if a change in attitude & increased programming came with the new deal, I’d welcome it. But as things stand right now I’ll take Vs. Considering the NHL doesn’t really win fans via TV at the rate other sports do I don’t think more homes is a slam dunk to help the league, especially if the quality of the coverage drops a level.

  • Jon

    Hey Rich, if Deano agrees to sign Cammy, and is happy with the price can he then start to negotiate an extension or does he have to wait until the contract is up? Do you think if Cammy stays with us he will get the “A”? Is it as obvious to you as it is to me that Kopi will eventually be our Capitan?
    Thanx and keep up the great work!

  • Jonah

    Hey Rich, any more news on the ESPN thing? Also, when can we expect an NHL Channel??