Dave Taylor, Dallas Star

The story broke last week about Dave Taylor joining the Dallas Stars. The team is scheduled to make it official today, with Taylor becoming director of player personnel. According to Dallas Morning News beat writer Mike Heika, Taylor will handle the “pro side” while Les Jackson will handle the “amateur side.” For those not familiar with the situation, Taylor worked for the Kings last year even though he had been fired as GM after the previous season. Taylor still had one year remaining on his contract so the Kings had him serve it out in a different role. That contract was not renewed and it seems that Taylor has found a job that has more of a higher profile.

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  • David

    I used to work at the King’s training facility and had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with Dave Taylor on a regular basis. He was always the consummate professional and always had a moment to say “hello” and talk hockey. He is one reason why I became a fan of hockey and the Kings.

  • Hipchecked

    Good luck to DT who was such a great King one of my all time favorites!!

  • kingsfan27

    Well, good luck to Dave Taylor. I hope he has great succes in Dallas.

    Hey, wait a sec….what are they gonna call the cheap seats now?

  • Puck U

    Dave Taylor will ALWAYS be a KING. One of the best heart & soul players to ever wear the uniform, GM of the year in 2001 by the Hockey News, and a great person that always gave his all for the fans of this team. Good luck Dave, and thank you for all your years with the Kings.
    You’ll be missed.

  • Kyle B

    I don’t really mind him leaving. He’s better on the ice than behind the desk. I was always disappointed with Taylor’s seemingly inability to actually string together blockbuster or even semi-blockbuster deals. I feel that during his time he kind of buried the Kings in a sense, and now Lombardi has to mop up the mess. Now, I don’t really blame that much on him because I know the goons above him didn’t really help out much with their money, so he could never really pick up anyone great off the free agency’s market. Anyways…best of luck to Dave…I guess…

  • maddogriley

    You will rarely find such loyalty in a man!
    Shame to see him go.

    Best to you and the heart and soul you sweated along with us to this pt!!

    Class Act!

  • CBGB

    I love how those fail to forget that Dave brought Palffy, Deadmarsh and Allison to the Kings. In the end it didn’t work out but those were sure exciting times. Keep in mind, Dave Taylor acquired Bryan Smolinski then traded him for Tim Gleason who was traded for Jack Johnson.

    Class act all the way and sad indeed that he’s no longer part of the Kings organ-eye-zation.

  • Mark

    ??? “now Lombardi has to mop up the mess” ??? The existing nucleus and plenty of future prospects were drafted by Dave Taylor and his staff. He had the right idea, building from within, modeling the franchise after Lou Lamoriello’s N.J. Devils but Lombardi seems to have a clearer vision of a similar philosophy.

  • Puck U

    Hopefully the replies remain as classy as Dave Taylor was during his time with the Kings. This is a time to thank him for his past efforts and wish him well in his future. But for those that want to be critical of Taylors tenure as GM, keep in mind Dave spent 9 seasons as the GM of the Los Angeles Kings and is the WINNINGEST GM in Kings history. Sure we never won a Cup with Dave, but is it really Taylor’s fault that the Kings team he built to make the runs in 2000 thru 2002 {the team that won him GM of the year in 2001 from The Hockey News for} were decimated by injuries, career {or nearly} ending in a few critical cases {Allison, Deadmarsh, Palffy}, and that he was forced to try and rebuild that team on the fly, but that Tim Leiweke continually got in the way of Taylor being able to do his job effectively ?

    Taylor wasnt a Perfect GM and granted we never won a cup, but now is not the time to pick apart his career as GM, he is the best GM this team has had up until his departure and hopefully the fans can respect him for that and wish him well.

  • Daniel

    Here’s the best part of the same news release:

    “FRISCO, Texas (CP) – Brett Hull’s television career was short-lived.

    The 43-year-old will not return to NBC next season after being named Tuesday as a special advisor to hockey operations for the Dallas Stars.”

  • NMKingsFan

    Anybody who went through the Triple Crown days, couldn’t help but love DT, the guy to go into the corners to get the puck to Dionne so he could feed Simmer for the goal. For all the “DT the GM” detractors, don’t forget he had to work for Tim Leiwicke and AEG. Thanks for all the years you gave the Kings and thanks for the nucleus of players that you left for DL to work with. You will not be forgotten by this fan.

  • HockeyOnly

    I know there are a few of us who remember good old George Maguire when he was let’s say “filling the GM’s spot” and made all the horrendous trades and brought players in who came to retire or just have fun. So if you think Dave Taylor or Rogie were poor GM’s then you haven’t followed the Kings very long. Dave, may your “Stars” turn out as well as Dave Tippets did.

  • Jon

    What’s goin’ on with Cammy?
    Its 4:40 L.A time. Does anybody know what time his hearing was?

  • Jon

    Never mind its not Aug. 2nd, im retarded.

  • PolarBearOne

    Thanks for all the years of your dedicated service, Dave. Once a King, always a King…..

    Good Luck!

    ….but, not all the time. šŸ˜‰

  • Kngz4la

    This is a sad day for Kings Fans.
    Dave Taylor…..good luck to you…….A class act….a true King!!!

  • 24diving

    Very sad day for the Kings. After 30 years Taylor was not shown the respect and loyalty he deserves by someone who hasn’t done anything more and probably will not do as much as Dave Taylor did for this franchise. Anything that is acheived in the future is due to the hard work Taylor did in building the foundation for the future. If they win the cup in the next few years thank him for the key players that are lifting it.

  • Marc Nathan

    I think Dave Taylor has been shown an inordinate amount of respect from the organization, and when the new regieme was brought in (and that was a welcome change…) he was given other responsibilities that allowed him to finish out his contract with dignity.

    I don’t think Dave Taylor was capable of being a good GM in this newfangled NHL. There’s far too many intricacies that now require more cerebral and analytical minds. Dave was a throwback hockey guy, and he will prosper with the Stars based on the limitations of his responsibilities. I wish him well. I have his plaster hand prominently displayed in my home, and I consider having watched him play in his first NHL games and season to be one of the most special highlights of Los Angeles Kings history.

    There will be time to honor Dave in the future, and I hope people will not lose sight of his contribution to the organ-eye-zation.

  • Chuck

    Good for DT!!! The Kings completely screwed him a year ago. Don’t get me wrong, I like Lombardi, but he hasn’t been a King for 30 years. I don’t consider the lean years of DT’s G.M. reign, his fault. Rather, it was the fault of Liedicki and AEG’s cheap hip pocket. Stich is my favorite King of all time, and I hope he finds great success in Dallas.

  • Brent

    Dave Taylor is a classy individual. While everything didn’t work out the way he’d hoped during his reign, I am still proud of what he did for our team. Best of luck in your life, DT. You’ll always be a King to me.

  • MattGeorge

    AEG Just lost it’s partner in Kansas City

    “This deal will end Del Biaggio’s deal with AEG to bring a team to Kansas City, but he said in a conference call that he will push the NHL to consider putting a team there in the future.

    “I’m committed to Nashville,” Del Biaggio said. ”

    AEG refocus on the Kings please!

  • Aaron


    Any update on Cammalleri’s arbitration hearing?

    I was hoping to see the two sides settled prior to the hearing this morning, but with no news I assume they went through with it.