Visnovsky quote, etc.

Here’s what Visnovsky told TSN today:

`’I’m very happy that I’ll be staying with this organization for a long time,” said Visnovsky from his off-season home in Slovakia. ”I love Los Angeles and I want to play in the playoffs with the Kings.”

I would have given him a call myself but a) I was chasing Kobe Bryant around Hollywood (long story, not that interesting) and b) frankly, I knew the chances of getting much out of Lubo weren’t great. Nice guy, but not a great quote at this stage of his English development.

I’m still waiting to get a salary figure on the contract…should have one before the scrimmage tonight, so stay tuned. I’m also going to track down Lombardi and get his thoughts. Here’s a copy of the press release from the Kings below.

Also, I have the Kings’ schedule, but I can’t figure out an easy way to cut and paste it. It’s on the Kings’ main site, if you want to check it out.
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Lewis interview

For those interested in the development camp, the morning practices are scheduled to go from 8-10 a.m. and the scrimmage is scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are available, first-come, first-served, at the training facility in El Segundo today and tomorrow. The teams for the scrimmage seem to be weighted a little bit, with guys such as O’Sullivan, Zeiler, Johnson, Boyle and Bernier on one team and Tukonen, Purcell, Parse, Harrold and Zatkoff on the other.

Here’s the interview with Trevor Lewis:
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Answers, interviews

I talked to both Brian Boyle and Trevor Lewis after today’s practice, so I’ll get those interviews up shortly.

To answer some of the questions…

— The regular-season schedule is indeed being released tomorrow. I don’t know exactly what time, but the news release from the NHL said it would be in the “afternoon.”

— I’m not certain who the captain will be, although it’s hard to imagine it being anyone other than Blake. As for alternates, I think you also have to include Derek Armstrong in the mix.

— I think John Zeiler’s chances of making the team are very good. His game is different from those of Sean Avery and Tom Kostopoulos, but I think Zeiler is a natural to fill one of those fourth-line energy roles.

— O’Sullivan is a very soft-spoken guy, at least when he talks to me, but when you read his quotes he does seem to exude that confident/cocky tone. To me, he’s almost the opposite of a guy such as Cammalleri, who is more outwardly confident/cocky but doesn’t tend to come across that way when he gives interviews.

— Oscar Moller is part of the second group that just started working out. I imagine he will play in tomorrow’s scrimmage and that will be a better chance to get a look at him.

— Thanks to everyone for the kind words on the message boards. You’re very kind. And really, thanks to everyone who visits this site on a regular basis. The numbers have been outstanding and it’s gratifying to know that so many people are enjoying it.

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Today’s schedule

Things are switched up a bit today at the prospects camp. There were drills this morning and the players will be split up into two teams (to prepare for Wednesday’s scrimmage). The first group practices from 2:30-3:30 p.m. and the second group from 3:45-5 p.m. I’ll be out there to grab some more interviews, hopefully from guys such as Boyle, Lewis, Purcell, Zeiler and Harrold.

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Bernier interview

For those who might have missed the previous post, Jonathan Bernier is in camp even though he’s still recovering from a high ankle sprain, which he suffered during the QMJHL playoffs. Later on, I’ll post an interview with Bill Ranford, in which he elaborates on the possibility of a young goalie (namely Bernier) making the team this season.

Here’s the Bernier interview…
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