Nothing expected today

Well, you guys were correct. At this point, it’s highly unlikely that any word will come from Toronto today. Dean Lombardi has informed the Kings’ media-relations staff that he will wait until tomorrow to talk, so that’s another indication that we’re unlikely to hear anything today. I expect to talk to Lombardi sometime late tomorrow morning.

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  • Aaron

    Hmm… what about the Raycroft rumor? It IS an e3!!!

  • LGK_No One


    The arbitrator has 48 hours from the conclusion of the hearing the render his decision. Therefore, we may not hear anything until Saturday.

    No One

  • Jon

    OH GEEZ!!

  • CBGB

    Rich, please ask Dean if there’s a “possibility” of a trade pending the outcome of the arbiters award.

  • brian

    i can wat for the award decision… what i want is the dirt contained in the Kings’ brief, and who exactly Cammalleri’s agent was using as a comparable.

  • Jonny

    Rich, Very important… When you speak to DL tomorrow, can you please please please ask him about these Raycroft rumors? I don’t think it would be a good move, maybe he can give us an idea as to what they would be asking for in return for Raycroft.

    Thanks again Rich, you do amazing work here!


  • anon

    Eklund is a tool. Why are you even mentioning him here? It’s an insult to those who are actual journalists.

  • Pat

    That Raycroft rumor has to be crap. Look, it came from Ecklund, who has about as many real NHL contacts as Britt Ekland (and she’s prettier!)

  • Mark

    Arbitrators typically award single year contracts. So does this at all effect Cammalleri’s free agancy status going forward? Next season will he still be an RFA or does he automaticaly become a UFA due to the arbitration process?

  • Mark

    AND what is the basis for the decision for the length of a contract (1 year, 2 year, etc)? Understanding that both sides put up their best case to get the highest or lowest salary award, What facts do the arbitrators use to consider the contract length? Anyone?

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