The contract numbers for Cammalleri should be released soon. I have dollar amounts that I believe to be correct, but I’m going to keep them to myself for now. I’ll say this much…if they’re correct, they’re lower than most expected.

I’m not trying to tease anyone…I will get the official information out as soon as possible.

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  • Koncepts

    this is killin me…i want to be happy but i dont know how happy yet.

  • steve


    thanks for all of your hard work. Question

    1) is Cammy worth 4-5 million

    2) what impact will the arb have on Cammy’s long term future with the Kings

  • mitchrock


    You’re such a tease.


  • Fletch

    Thanks for the update Rich.

  • Tim

    Ah MAN!!!! your killing me smalls!! thanks for keeping on this! I love this page! U DA MAN RICH!

  • Danny

    sure… tickle our balls with a feather like that…


  • Brad

    Light the torches and gather the pitchforks, to Hammonds!

  • brian


    you DO realize you coulda tossed those numbers out under the auspisces of an “i’m hearing around…” or an “esitmated to be at…” RIGHT???

  • winger23


    I know cammy’s agent has been “avoiding” you calls, but if the $ amount is much less than what was being talked about, I’d like to know how how Cammy feels about the decision and if he walked out of the hearing with a bad taste in his mouth a.k.a Avery.

  • CiscoC

    What a tease! That’s worth about 1,000 additional hits 🙂

    Thanks for your hardwork Rich!

    I think he is worth about 4.5, so I am guessing 4.15 million.

  • Squidward

    So now Rich knows and he doesn’t tell us……After he dogs on the NHL from withholding the award info???

    Come on Rich!

  • No One

    If it is under 5 per, I’ll be shocked.

  • Rich Hammond

    The numbers I have are not official. As soon as I learn that they are (or if they’re not, what the official numbers are) I will get them on the blog immediately.

    There are still standards to uphold here. I’m aware that we’re in an era in which wild rumors can be thrown around on the Internet without regard, but I’m not ever going to do that. I apologize if anyone is put off by what I did, but I just wanted to make you aware that something would most likely be happening soon.

  • Anonymous

    I think that he doesn’t want to pull an Eukland right about now so he’s keeping it closed lipped.

  • Thanks a ton Rich. Keep up the amazing work..

  • Brad

    Light the torches and gather the pitchforks, to Hammonds!

  • Kelly


    Get over yourself. Either release the freaking numbers or don’t. Don’t give us all this “have to wait to see if it’s official” crap. Who are you now, Eklund?

  • Rich Hammond

    Thanks Daniel…nice job on your post as well.

  • fiveholio

    Rich, we’re nearing the end of my workday. Can you define soon? Is that measured in minutes or hours?

  • King

    thanks for the info Rich. I’m assuming soon means sometime today?

  • Jeff

    I’ll take this kind of news proliferation ANY DAY over the multitude of wrong rumors spread on other sites. A credible journalist with an up-to-date blog, providing ACCURATE information from the source. Why is ANYONE complaining?

  • Mike

    C’mon Rich throw us a bone!

  • Galen Senogles

    $3.75 mill per year. Thanks for some real journalism!

  • Josh

    Kelly and all the others that are on Rich, get a life! I would rather have the REAL info when it is available.

    Thanks Rich! Ignore all the knobs that always seem to come from out of the blue.

  • fiveholio


    Get over YOURSELF. Rich doesn’t owe you anything. You can either stay here and pipe down or leave, but Rich is the closest thing to an insider and gets us the best inside info… if you don’t like it, too bad.

  • triplcrown

    That’s just being smart,
    to not announce the numbers when he is not 100% certain.

    Good decision, Rich.

    But if you are right about the numbers (i.e.being lower than expected), then it probably means Cammy ain’t getting traded, right?

    I sure hope not.

  • Squidward

    Well if these numbers aren’t “official” then are they from a credible source? If the answer is yes then why would they be inaccurate?

  • No One

    Hey Jeff, it is because we are in “now” world.. We have information and have it “NOW”, regardless of the accuracy.


    Thank you for you work.

  • Ernest

    Exactly Jeff!!! Keep it up Rich. At least we know we are close.

  • PuckHead27

    Great job as always Rich!

  • Brad

    Light the torches and gather the pitchforks, to Kellys house!

  • No One

    whoops… We have to have information, and have to have it now… is what I wanted to say.

  • Richard

    There are sites where you might go to get the speculation that some people apparently crave. The beauty of this blog is that Rich feeds us insight that is either his own, or that he personally verifies. Let those other dunderheads fight over being first, I’m more interested in getting information that’s insightful and correct.

  • Brad

    Light the torches and gather the pitchforks, to Kellys house!

  • kingofdodgers

    Thanks for all your hard work Rich. Im just glad that we will probably know today, the suspense has been killing me.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares. It’s gonna be announced soon. The Kings will accept the number, whatever it is, and life will go on.

    Thanks for the info Rich.

  • goodguy

    Thanks again for the info! You’re the best!

  • Thanks for taking the time to keep us all informed the way you do. You are truly appreciated! No one wants you to compromise your ethics so we’ll just wait.

    For all you other posters, pull your panties out of your crack, it’s coming soon, and in any event, no later than tomorrow.

  • Jeff

    Got what you meant No One, I agree with you about the “Now” world we’re living in. I’m definitely one of the first to read those other blogs for rumors.

    But its great to have a place where what we read is not just speculation, or an e#.

  • diehrdkingsfan38

    lol, thanks Rich, but since u send out the news, I’ve been reloading for hours lol

  • Koncepts

    hey rich,

    i love this blog… keep doing what your doing don’t mind the rudeness of rumor hungry fans.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Rich!! TO KELLYS’!!!

  • Ed

    Light the torches and gather the pitchforks, to Kelly (or is it) Eklund’s house!

  • HockeyOnly

    For those of you who just want to be reassured that Cammy is staying then you already know that just by what Rich said. Now if you want all the good inside info that we been getting right from the horses mouth to stop because the man who gives us that info can’t be trusted anymore because he puts out bogus numbers just keep calling him Eklund and not care about his scrupples as a news reporter. Get real and enjoy all that we are getting ….. that is straight stuff to Rich from DL. You just can’t have a better pipeline. I’m anxious also.

  • dominic lavoie


    Can you tell us if it was under $10,000,000 over 2 years?

    Were dyin here but appreciate your good works!

  • Chris

    Damn Rich, you are one sexy blogger!

  • Anonymous

    This from Eklund…”The Cammalleri ruling is coming out very shortly I was just told…I am hearing it is a very substantial ruling that will make for some interesting talk…”

    So Rich it looks like you are hearing differently – can’t wait to get the real deal!

  • HockeyOnly

    This is absolutely great, I have never seen so many new “Fathers” in one place at any time in my life. I love it. Rich does Cammy have ten toes and fingers????

  • Ernest

    Hey Rich, when you say soon, do you mean sometime tonight? I need to know if I should tell me wife to take my son and goto the movies without me!

  • HockeyOnly

    Rich you made the “Really Big Time”, Dan Tolensky is quoting you on Cammy and also ……. listen to this gang….. Tolensky states that Rich Hammond has the best Kings Blog anywhere…….. aaaaaaa we already knew that didn’t we guys. Hee-hee-hee…… Go Rich……

  • Squidward

    You know that Rich is just sitting back laughing at us all right now.

  • anonymous

    Dude, Ernest, go to the movies. The info will be here when you get back or it won’t be posted yet. Either way, go have a good time with your family. If it’s posted you’ll know when you get back. If not, then you didn’t waste the few hours pushin the refresh button…just chill 🙂

  • HockeyOnly

    Rich you made the “Really Big Time”, Dan Tolensky is quoting you on Cammy and also ……. listen to this gang….. Tolensky states that Rich Hammond has the best Kings Blog anywhere…….. aaaaaaa we already knew that didn’t we guys. Hee-hee-hee…… Go Rich……
    Daniel Tolensky The Daily Show
    Cammalleri Clarification
    Today @ 5:34 PM ET | Comments (19)
    ** Update: From Rich Hammond of the Daily News who has THE best Kings’ blog around. The official numbers will be released shortly – he has dollar amounts that are ‘lower than most expected’ but are not yet confirmed. **

  • Brad

    The Kings have the best inside source, as WELL as the best fan forums. Now if we could only piece together the “best” team.

  • Sheisty

    I’m just as excited as the next guy to get the numbers. Let’s not forget the guy thats working his ass off to get us the info..

    Thanks for all the hard work Rich!

    Though its been said before, it hasnt been said enough.

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