Numbers game

Since there was a question about cap space, I thought I would try to do the numbers myself. I come up with a team cap hit of just over $48.01 million, if you take into account the 23 players who are likely to make the opening-game roster. (plus McCauley’s buyout, which I forgot the first time I added it up!) There are two problems with that. One, we don’t know exactly what the 23-man roster will be and two, I’m not completely certain about how the bonuses figure in. The actual cap number could be slightly higher if I miscalculated the bonuses for guys such as Johnson and Kopitar.

Anyway, I compiled that using Armstrong, Brown, Calder, Cammalleri, Frolov, Handzus, Kopitar, Murray, Nagy, O’Sullivan, Thornton, Willsie, Blake, Johnson, Modry, Preissing, Stuart, Visnovsky, Cloutier and LaBarbera. (Plus McCauley’s buyout)

Kyle…I think the Kings have been counting on losing that $2.5 million all along. I don’t believe there were ever any plans to have Tverdovsky in a Kings uniform this year. But I don’t think any more money will be spent this summer.

Whothepuck…Selling ad space on a page that’s getting great numbers, in a newspaper industry that’s struggling financially? Wow, what a concept! But yet…

Francis…If you, or anyone else, has any comments about the Daily News sports section or its blogs, I would recommend contacting sports editor Kevin Modesti.

Finally, the Kings haven’t heard anything official about Tverdovsky yet. I think we all know where this is headed, but it has yet to become official. I’m told that the Kings would need to “assign” Tverdovsky to the Russian team, which they will do if he really has signed/does sign a contract over there. So hopefully we’ll hear something soon.

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  • Puck U

    Rich and others,

    Everyone should rely on and use http://www.NHLSCAP.COM , that is “Irish Blue’s” web-site from Hockey’s Future and he gets his #’s right from Dean Lombardi himself so we know they’re 100% correct.
    The other site has some wrong info and $#’s, while it looks nice it’s not 100% accurate.

    As for were the Kings sit Salary Cap wise, Using the info from http://WWW.NHLSCAP.COM

    2007-2008 Los Angeles Kings CAP #’s
    23 Player Roster MAX

    1. Blake ($6.0 M)
    2. Handzus ($4.0 M)
    3. Nagy ($3.75 M)
    4. Stuart ($3.5 M)
    5. Cammalleri ($3.35 M)
    6. Cloutier ($3.1 M)
    7. Frolov ($2.9 M)
    8. Calder ($2.75 M)
    9. Preissing ($2.75 M)
    10. Johnson ($2.15 M)
    11. Visnovsky ($1.824 M)
    12. Brown ($1.175 M)
    13. Armstrong ($1.5 M)
    14. Thornton ($1.5 M)
    15. Modry ($1.2 M)
    16. Kopitar ($955,867)
    17. O’Sullivan ($850,800)
    18. Willsie ($850,000)
    19. LaBarbera ($825,000)
    20. Zeiler ($568,750)
    21. Dallman ($477,500)
    22. Ivannas ($475,000)
    + Alyn McCauley’s buyout ($666,667) ’til 2011
    about = $ 46.3 Mil Total Guys {of $50.3 Million MAX Salary CAP}


    23. Harrold (RFA but MQO = $719,250)
    24. Richard Petiot (RFA but MQO = $627,000)
    So about a little under $4 Mil REMAINING for our RFA Guys {MQO’s = $1,346,250 Mil}, and other extras.

    Don’t forget Alyn McCauley’s buyout ($666,667) will stay on the books ’til 2011 !

    YES … Oleg Tverdovsky’s ($2.5 M) IS off the books … signed w/ RUSSIAN team*

  • Aaron

    On NHLSCAP.COM, Zizka is still listed. What ever happened to him? Did he leave during the lockout? I remember thinking he’d be a solid guy.

    Why would he still be listed?


  • Crash Davis

    I’m not a capologist, but doesn’t the number for Visnosky ned to be higher, maybe over $5 mil? He signed a 5 yr extension and the avg of that entire contract divided by seasons becomes his cap #.

  • No One


    I am pretty the guy who runs that site includes ALL potential bonuses for his cap hit pages. Therefore, those are the max.

    The team’s “Daily Average Salary” will be readjusted once the bonus is no longer attainable.

    Johnson’s cap hit is lower than his salary + bonuses probably due to the fact he agreed to his contract too late, and the bonuses were not attainable at the time the contract was signed, and therefore his cap hit for last season was 850K. (2.8 + 2.8 + .850)/3 = 2.15.

    I also think the Kings will carry 21/22 players for a majority of the season. Saves some cap room.

    No One

  • No One


    An extension in considered a “new” contract that is effective once the current contract expires. Since this is the last year of his old contract, the cap hit for Visnovsky is still $1.824.

    For the 08/09 season, his number goes up to $5.65M

    No One

  • Crash David

    Thanks No One for pointing out the rules of extensions. I didn’t know that. What a smart way to go for everyone: the player gets locked up for many seasons more + the team doesn’t have the extension kick in until “after” the old contract expires. Cool.

  • Alex

    It amazes me how many different cap totals for this team I’ve seen at LGK, HF, and now here. It’s like we all differently-working calculators.

    Here they are, plain and simple. Players are the ones almost sure to be on the opening day roster, numbers are from NHLscap.

    FORWARDS $24,575,417
    Michal Handzus $4,000,000
    Ladislav Nagy $3,750,000
    Michael Cammalleri $3,350,000
    Alexander Frolov $2,900,000
    Kyle Calder $2,700,000
    Derek Armstrong $1,500,000
    Scott Thornton $1,500,000
    Dustin Brown $1,175,000
    Anze Kopitar $ 955,867
    Patrick O’Sullivan $ 850,800
    Brian Willsie $ 850,000
    John Zeiler $ 568,750
    Raitis Ivanans $ 475,000

    DEFENSEMEN $17,901,500
    Rob Blake $6,000,000
    Brad Stuart $3,500,000
    Tom Preissing $2,750,000
    Jack Johnson $2,150,000
    Lubomir Visnovsky $1,824,000
    Jaroslav Modry $1,200,000
    Kevin Dallman $ 477,500

    GOALIES/BUY-OUT $4,591,667
    Dan Cloutier $3,100,000
    Jason Labarbera $ 825,000
    Alyn McCauley $ 666,667

    Cap total: $47,068,584

    3.23M remaining.

  • Rich Hammond

    Alex…I think it’s more a matter of not agreeing on which players will be on the roster. If you take my numbers and subtract Brady Murray, you get your numbers.

    With the team starting the season in Europe, I’d be surprised to see them carrying fewer than 23, but I could be wrong. I don’t know how the rules will work, in terms of roster cutdowns while they have training camp/exhibitions in Europe…

  • Kyle B.

    I have sent Mr. Modesti an email…

    “Please keep Rich Hammond a King!!!”

    I only bet that he wishes my email was that short…hahaha 🙂

  • Alex

    Oh I agree we’ll carry 23. I just don’t want to put Murray in there until we have some assurance. I’m just looking at what we know for sure. I’ve posted that list one 2 or 3 other sites, and I’ve mentioned (but forgot to here) that those 3.2M will/should be partly used for another reserve forward. Though someone mentioned that the 23rd stop could go to Harrold with Dallman doubling as a reserve forward.

  • Daniel

    Had quite a revelation today. At around the same time I received an e-mail response from the sports editor from a certain local newspaper, and around the same time I was re-reading an article by Frank Rich from WAY back in 2005 (about Dan Rather and the late author Hunter S. Thompson), I received in the mail a package of books by HST.

    Mr. Richs article was about the recent physical and metaphorical passing of both HST and the journalist Dan Rather, respectively. The key point in Mr. Richs article was this: What’s missing from News is the news.

    The reason this was such a revelation to me was caused by the response I had received from the local sports editor. When asked why his paper did not carry a blog about the L.A. Kings, his response was, As you know, there are passionate Kings fans here, just not enough of them. Our web site people have done surveys and found very little interest in a Kings blog, not enough to justify the cost.
    Best wishes.

    Now, that makes business sense (to some) but it does not make journalistic sense. I think that it is safe to say that most journalists today are more interested in branding themselves than they are branding their stories. Branding a story means that one uses a certain artistry to convey a story. HST and Mr. Rather branded their stories, to various degrees. Sure, the branding of stories had a diminishing effect on true investigative reporting but it did help break through the cliquishness of the press corps of the era. I believe that Mr. Hammonds branding of his stories (er, actual research and human communication) has cut through the cliquishness of todays brands self-referential branding of itself.

  • Crash Davis

    DL has stated a # of times one of the mistakes the Kings made at the start of last season was not carrying 3 goalies for awhile just in case Cloutier wasn’t ready to go physically or professionally. (He wasn’t.) They sent JLB to Manchester and couldn’t bring him back up to the Kings for fear of losing him via waivers.

    Do you think the Kings also carry Erik Ersberg at the start of THIS season as a precaution? Or – since he is on an entry level contract (signed 5/31/07) – do they send him back and forth to Manchester (as needed) without waiver snafus, thus allowing him game experience in the AHL rather than sitting in the press box at Staples (as third goalie)? Eventhough he was a top SEL goaltender, he is technically an NHL rookie.

    I bring this up, because it might also factor into the CAP situation. Albeit Ersberg isn’t making huge bucks. (Any one know his contract size?)

  • WhoThePuck

    I think we all have our favorite sites for this project, mine –

    I tend to like the way they organize and take the days into account (as you must if you are going to calculate accurately).

    To each his own….

  • Rich Hammond

    Crash…Lombardi has since changed his mind about the need to carry three goalies, and I believe Hextall has publicly said the same as well. I’m sure that would change if something odd happened in camp, but that’s the plan for now…

  • No One

    Also, Ersberg is exempt from waivers, so he be brought up and sent back as needed.

  • Paul

    Since we’re posting links, it looks like actually remembered that there’s a team in LA…

    They did a little eval on the Kings top prospects:

  • Swedish guy

    Does anyone here think that Erik Ersberg can take a shot at the roster? He was voted the no 1 goalie in the swedish leauge last season, maybe the best league in europe. And he got the chance to play a game in the world cup, unfortunately against russia where he let 4 goals past him, but according to the critics he made a really good game.

    What are your thoughts? You experts… 😉