Hickey article

Thomas Hickey, the Kings’ first-round draft pick in June, is playing in the Canada-Russia SuperSeries that begins Monday in Russia. NHL.com did a piece on Hickey that chronicles his last couple months, starting with the draft and heading into the SuperSeries. Here’s the quote that might interest most Kings fans, from Hickey about his chances of making the Kings out of training camp this year:

For a prospect, you are ready when youre ready, he says. Personally, I dont think Im ready. Weve both expressed that I need to get bigger and stronger and those are things that take time. I understand that. I think both sides are on the same track. But, that doesnt mean I am not going to go into camp with the goal of making the team; but I also realize that might not be too realistic.

Hickey is scheduled to spend one more season with Seattle of the WHL. The entire story is available HERE

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  • BobMillersHair

    The Super Series should be a great experience for Hickey.Brenier is there in Russia as well. Lets hope that he gets the nod for the starting net minder.

    Kings are going to be deep on Dmen come training camp.Expect a fire sale once the season starts. Gonna get crowded real quick down in Manchester. Good problem to have I suppose.

  • Anonymous

    Any word on whether this series will be shown on US television ? Seriously, hold the laughter…

  • SuperSonic

    I more stuff I read about this kid, the more I am impressed by him. With his maturity for his age and promised offensive skills, he has future captain written all over. Thankfully we have a GM like Deano who will stick to his plan no matter what happens. Can’t wait to see him suit up for LA in a couple years.

  • blugator

    Nice article. Rich, are you going to post any more “Spotlight on” pieces? Really enjoy reading your perspective on the players going into camp.

  • PolarBearOne

    It is going to be a pleasure to watch Hickey’s development in the next couple years. This series could very well be a barometer for how he does with and against some of hockey’s great young guns. On a side note, with Jonathan Bernier also apart of Team Canada for this series, the magnifying glass on him will be somewhat greater, in my opinion. He got a bit of a snub for the last World Junior Championships, and this opportunity will be one he should grasp with both hands to prove to many his worth as a top goaltending prospect.

  • matt

    the series can be seen online at http://www.tsn.ca

  • Rich Hammond

    According to the TSN website, the games will be offered online by TSN and Sportsnet, two Canadian networks that will split coverage of the series. I don’t see anything on the Sportsnet website, so hopefully they will provide information soon. TSN does say it will have the first game Monday at 6 a.m. Pacific time. Hopefully they won’t charge like they do for CFL games.

  • jb

    The game was blocked online to only people in Canada. Anyone out there see the game? How was Hickey?

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