There goes the judge

Starting this season, NHL teams no longer will be required to position a goal judge directly behind the net. It seems the days of the grim-looking guys with the lights over their heads are finished. Goal judges can now be located elsewhere in the arena, such as the press box or the corner of the rink. It seems that with video review and the “instant review” in Toronto, the NHL can do without a set of eyes behind the goal.

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  • 619KingsFan

    Unfortunately, Jonathan Bernier will not be starting in goal for game 1 of the Canada/Russia series. However, Brent Sutter has said that all 3 goalies will get one start while in Russia, so hopefully we will get to see young J.B. in action soon. . .

  • Scott

    Plus they can get more money for the seats obstructed by the goal judge!

  • Boozehound

    Too bad, I always thought that would have been a really cool job.

  • Anonymous

    IS this a good or bad thing?

  • Bryan

    I’m thinking more seats for fans which means more money for owners

  • Bob Miller’s old combover

    It’s too bad, the bloke that’s always on the home end of Staples is a nice gent.

    And when he muffs it, who can I yell at?

  • Marc Nathan

    I have to admit, I couldn’t figure out when the Ducks stopped having a goal judge behind the nets. I went to a number of games where I was in the first row behind the goal early in the season, and I could swear I remember goal judges, but late in the season, and the playoffs I don’t remember seeing them.

  • HockeyOnly

    Hmmmmm, looks and sounds as though Bettman has figured out how to speed the game up some more by removing the goal judges. Is the NHL trying to head to a sport resembling the movie Roller Ball?? Leave it alone!!!!

  • Now who are we going to blame when the goal light goes on every time a puck gets within six feet of Dan Cloutier???

  • Azazello

    I think we can safely blame Dan Cloutier. Actually, we could just have him be the goal judge — that way he’ll do “something” when there is a shot on goal.

  • Reg Dunlop

    The goal judge has never had any real power anyway, as it’s the referee who calls a goal. Still it’s a little sad to see one more piece of hockey tradition go away.

  • Kingsfan27

    I bet our home goal judge got some sort of thumb injury last season from pressing that damn button all the time.

  • Marc Nathan

    You have to admit, this will cut down on the amount of sunblock Dan Cloutier has had to use on the back of his neck… Well, upon further reviews, the goals are still going to go in and the light is still going to go on…

  • Mark 3

    Dan Coutier will be a great net minder this year, possibly even an all star…on Manchester in the AHL.

    Joking aside,
    I’d actually love for him to step up and prove us ALL wrong. I just don’t see that happening neither does anyone else including Cloutier himself.

  • Paul

    Is there a way to put Marc Nathan on ignore?

  • Francis

    I agree with Reg Dunlop. Sorry to see a tradition disappear (even if it has lost its usefulness).

    I also hope Cloutier proves all of you doubters, wrong!

  • triplcrown

    The goal judge should ideally be the guy up in a box surrounded with cameras showing every possible angle of a goal.

    Sometimes, 3 or 4 cameras show zip, and it’s that 5th camera that’s the one that shows the puck cross the line.

    1 goal judge for BOTH goals should save a few bucks, but I just hope they’ve spent plenty of dough on cameras!

    Also–Is there a move to standardize the goal judges’ camera array throughout the NHL?

    If you have different camera setups in different buildings, that could be a problem, perhaps?
    Just a thought.

  • embarrased for asking

    Hey Rich,

    Is there any grain of truth to the J.S. Aubin rumor?

  • P A May

    Remember, not all of the old NHL goal judges were grim faced men. There is one woman. Old, yes.