Lombardi interview

I just got about a half-hour of Q&A time with Dean Lombardi, so I’ll do my best to transcribe that tonight and start putting up the answers tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks for all the good questions…I got answers from Dean about Bernier, the goaltending situation in general, the defense, Dave Lewis, his expectations for this season, which players he’s looking to step up, the health of Blake and Handzus (short answer: they’re fine) and what his biggest regret of the summer might have been. That’s what I can remember off the top of my head. So stay tuned…

Someone asked about the possibility of video interviews during the rookie camp. That’s something I’m seriously looking into. My company doesn’t give me a video camera, and if they did it would probably be something that records onto BETA tapes. But I’m looking into buying one of those little Flip video cameras, so the rookie camp might be a perfect time to try that out.

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  • Golfnut

    That would be awesome if you had video interviews. Great work Rich!


  • Tami

    Right on Rich! Thanks for all of your hard work. You make it fun to be a Kings fan!

  • JB

    Here’s a idea Rich. Ask some of those kids like Boyle, Johnson and the other higher profile ones to sign a stick and then auction it on your site to pay for the camera. I know it sounds a little shady but hey if you get a video cam and start covering them more which leads to more fans knowing who they are it only benefits them too.

    Selling ad space would help too. Heck ask DL to pay for it.

  • Scott

    Hi Rich, great job as always. I was wondering what can I do to help make sure this blog keeps going? Is it enough to just read it everyday or is there something else I can do? Thanks

  • John

    Thanks Rich!!!

  • Adam

    Reporters asking for autographs is a huge NONO. Some Japanese reporter got kicked out of the Baseball Writers because he asked for one from Clemens I think (IIRC).

    Remember, Rich may be the most pimp sports reporter on the face of the planet, but he still has to respect the ethics of his profession.

  • Shaun

    LMAO BETA LMAO i didn’t know you were a comic also that’s classic:D

    Yea I think if you added a video section to your blog with video interviews and such this site would get tons more hits… everyone loves a video interview.

    Keep up the great work

  • bri

    those cameras are pretty good (my girlfriend uses one for work) and cheap – can get one under $200.

    good luck

  • mattgeorge

    I dunno guys… I guess your right about the videos and stuff but… a blog is a nice break from my tv …. guess its only a matter o time tho

  • Amaysn Kingsfan

    Thanks a lot Rich for what you are doing for us fans I was a wonderer lost in a vast desert called NHL.com sometimes a mirage of kings info would come in the form of a paragraph which left me still hungery and wanting more then i discovered this page and eat like a King of the bountiful news you bring us everyday even when you’re on vaccation thanks alot and just like everyone else i want to know what i need to do to sustain it Heck i’ll make donations and/or bribs if i have too. Keep up the Good work and once again thanks for all your hard work

  • Bob

    Good work, have been a long time subscriber to the Whittier Daily News.

    You have a great site enjoy the info and the feedback.

    Keep up the good work


  • Ed70

    I’m sure by now, you’ve noticed a Kings “cult” following. Ever since you have been so accomodating to us, I don’t think anyone who reads this blog, waiting for the next tidbit of news would mind donating a few $$$ towards your camera, ever since we are requesting video interviews.

  • Morgan

    Thanks again, Rich. You have created such a valuable information resource for Kings fans. I would also like to thank Dean Lombardi for his accessibility to the media and fans and for his candor during your insightful interviews.

  • Scott Pearson

    Since there is another guy posting as “Scott,” I’ll post with my full name from now on. Keep up the great work, Rich!

  • Mark3

    Don’t want to cause Rich any undue carpal tunnel pain but I don’t really need video. I’d rather read the stories & interviews but I’ll still be here either way, Just keep that Kings inside scoop coming our way.

    Thanks Rich!

  • Steve

    Hey Rich, buy a good video cam if you have the cash and write it off on your taxes. It is work related.

  • Maybe we should take up a collection for Rich for his camera…

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