• Anonymous

    Great job!

    Ersberg looks skinny and weird looking. 🙂

  • LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

    Someone please buy Erik a steak and lobster dinner with a couple of beers, he looks down right thirsty and malnourished.

  • Gretz

    I don’t know about the “weird looking” observation but he does look awfully tiny! According to the Hockey Database, Erik is 5’10” and 161 lbs. Not exactly Darren Pang small, but damn. It seems like he’d expose a lot of net. Hmm…

  • Typical little Euro running around out there with a dangler on…

    no, seriously, I’m excited to see this kid play. Someone send the TPS rep over to get his new pad order in before the season starts.

  • Ed

    He’ll do just fine. His English is much better than most Swedes. I especially like the Days of Thunder answer he gave when asked about the NHL. “I’ve see it on TV”

  • Marcus (Swede…and big)

    Hi Guys!

    We swedes are good at english, and you know it.. Why would we have so much captains otherwise?

    Just joking with ya… I am from the same town as Erik, and I seen him play a lot, and he is awsome! He looks tiny and insecure, but on the ice he is a different person. He was awarded the mvp goalie of the year in the swedish elite leauge last season, so dont underestimate him…

    (and please dont mock my english 😉

  • Steve

    He does look a little bit crazy in the eyes. I don’t care if he can stop the puck. Goalies are supposed to be a little crazy, right? I hope he does well.