Johnson interview

Here’s the last of today’s interviews, this one from Jack Johnson. In case there was any question, Johnson is participating in the rookie camp, not skating with the veterans. I know that might seem obvious since he’s, well, a rookie, but I just thought I’d throw that out there to clarify.

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  • Eric K

    great shirt… i’ll be watching the kings from my ucla dorm room!

    (wonder if he’s ashamed of michigan after the app. state game last weekend?)

  • LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

    Jack Mother F***ing Johnson. What else can i say?

  • shaun

    lmao i was thinking the same thing eric.

    first a kings jersey then a dodger hat now a ucla shirt whats next ?

  • Scott Pearson

    Do you think Jack understands that half the city hates UCLA? Maybe I need to send him a USC shirt . . .

  • Rich Hammond

    Cammalleri was much more upset about the Michigan loss than Johnson. His exact phrasing was, “The season is over.” And Johnson said he wants to go to a USC game this season, so I guess he’s spreading around the love.

  • Seitz

    Do you think Jack understands that half the city hates UCLA?

    Just the dumb half.

  • Ed

    I think Jack understands half the city hates USC 🙂

    Saw the team workout in the afternoon. It’s good to see hockey again. Can’t wait for the games to star.

  • LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions

    I just found this other great blog site that is dedicated to the Kings.

    It appears that a lot of the bloggers there know about this site as well.

    Anyway like i said i just found this site and some of the bloggers there have some good insight as to how the rookie camp went. I recommend that you all check it out. Good stuff!

  • Bill

    And now, how many people have to get get new Johnson sweaters with the new number?

  • Rich,

    You raised the bar on not only the best Kings blogs out there, but also one of the best hockey blogs out there. These videos provide much more insight into the team.

    I’m worried about how this contract is going to effect Cammy. He never once mentioned the Kings, only hockey and being a competitor. It’s time to suck it up and help lead this team.

    Thanks again!

  • Eric K

    actually, i’d rather him root for just usc than for both. THAT would be unacceptable.

    (go bruins!)

  • Dan

    Thanks Rich! Great job – love the video interviews!

    Jack comes off as very confident, but not arrogant. He seems to be mature beyond his years and gives the impression that he has a good head on his shoulders. The only way to sum him up is with one word: “winner”.

    He will lead the Kings to the Stanley Cup some day – fact.

  • Crash Davis

    Rich, thanks for adding video interviews to the site. Very cool.

    One suggestion I’d make (as a professional tv cameraman) is IF you have the room in your camera bag to get a monopod. It telescopes out and you screw the top into the base of your little camcorder. It will steady the camera, take the weight off you having to hold the camera for 3 minute interviews and will take up very little room compared to a tripod. Any good camera shop will have one. We all know that video is not your thing, sportswriting is, but a monopod is a good, light weight, modest investment that will pay dividends.

    Just a suggestion from one who’s battled with handheld hockey interviews too.

  • Steve

    What in the hell was Carolina thinking when they traded JMFJ to the Kings? This kid is cool as ice and will be a superatsr in this league. Thanks Carolina for all of your help.

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