Ersberg transcript

Here’s the last of the transcripts from yesterday, this one from Erik Ersberg:

Q: I know you’ve just been in L.A. for a couple days. Can you describe what the last couple days have been like, just getting yourself situated?

A: Yeah, I just got in a couple days ago, as you said. It was a long flight, so the first day I just kind of relaxed and tried to get used to the time change. Nice weather here, much nicer than the summer in Sweden, so I like it.

Q: This has really been your first time on the ice with these guys. What are you early impressions of some of the guys you’ve been with?

A: It’s a great group of guys. Right now, this morning I just skated with the goalies but from what I’ve seen it’s looking good.

Q: Do you have any expectations about what the NHL level of competition is like, versus what you’ve faced in the last couple years?

A: Not really. I mean, I’ve seen it on TV, that’s about it. But I’ve played in the Swedish Elite League and it’s a good league with lots of foreign players. And I played one game at the World Championships against Russia, and they’ve got a few good players too, so it’s one more level here, I guess.

Q: You’re here on a one-year contract. Do you come into training camp with any expectations, as far as trying to make the team and that sort of thing?

A: You know, of course it’s my goal to make the team. That’s why I’m here, but I know it’s tough. There’s a lot of good guys here, so I’m just going to focus on doing what I can do best.

Q: Have they talked to you at all about your chances of making the team or what the competition might be like?

A: Not really. I know there are about five guys there, so you just have to do whatever you can to make the team.

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