• Gary

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet… gotta love a rival self destruct right before the beginning of the season!

  • Francis

    What a joke! Doug Wilson is just trying to humor his old friend JR.

  • Starlight

    While that is certainly interesting, I’m curious as to why this would be “good” news for Kings fans? Is Roenick now considered a burden rather than an asset? Or did I miss some sarcasm? šŸ™‚

  • Nate

    great…that alone should bring the sharks down 4 wins this year.

  • OCKingsFreak

    Talk about a guy who just can’t admit his time is over. This is good news for the rest of the Pacific. Just shocked that SJ would do this!

  • Ethan

    Oh great, now I can have a chance to boo him for another year.

  • evan

    can’t wait for JMFJ to lay him out.

  • BobMillersHair

    I think that JR is a player to still be respected.
    I know and will agree that he did not meet expectations as an L.A. King and probably doesnt have what it takes anymore to be a top 6 forward in the NHL.
    But to have a player with the following credentials to be your checking line center would not be to shabby.

    9 NHL All Stars Appearances
    Goals 495
    Assists 675
    Points 1170

    ..$500,000. me thinks that is what is going to be expected of him, 3rd / 4th line duty.

  • Eric K

    yep, that’s pretty much it, starlight…

    he may not be a burden, but he’s not exactly going to be the piece that puts the sharks over the top.

  • Jon

    Kill, Jack, Kill!

  • pat

    Bobshair: Since when do offensive numbers from an over-the-hill veteran portend checking line success? Pull him off the grill before he just shrivels up and falls through the grate!!

  • David

    Think he wants to get to 500 career goals? SJ better hope he reaches this milestone sooner than later. If he doesn’t hang up his skates after this, I’d be very surprised.

  • Mark3

    Confidence, Experience, and Attitude DO portend success, for any line, at any age and any level.
    Roenick still has a fair amount of hockey smarts and skill to go with his heavy shot. Whatever reduced role SJ intends to use him in, I’m sure JR will serve it well and then some. I’d still rather have him as a King than Willsie, McCauley or Thornton especially at the 500K price tag.

  • triplcrown

    Roenick a Shark?

    That is sooo sweet, I think I even feel a little dirty.

    But it doesn’t stop me from bein’ glad.

  • Amaysn Kingsfan

    I for one still like Roenick sure he ain’t what he used to be but he still has more skill then a lot of guys out there. I had big hopes for JR when he got here that were crrushed but he did start to get better at the end i’m stil afraid he will do all good and make DL wish he had got him cheap. I hope he get his 500 we need more americans on the list. Good for him I hope he gets 20 goals and the Sharks are second to last in the west in front of only the Ducks. And just as a side note. Am i the only onee that noticed that Sol CAl got more pumped up and ecited when the KIngs lost the cup in 93 then when the Ducks won it in 07 let’s when it soon before everyone forget the ducks ever won so we can show them how a real victory party is. One that has been being planned for over 40 years and thati have dreamt about since i was 6 years old. I’m 26 do the math

  • PJ

    This is where I put the Sharks with regards to the opening day lineup, what are the Kings looking like?