Johnson transcript

Here’s the transcript of the interview with Jack Johnson from yesterday:

Q: This is obviously a big season for you coming up. Can you talk about how the summer has gone and how you feel coming into the season?

A: Summer flew by. I was pretty busy. I was going between here and Minnesota and Ann Arbor, training pretty much every day as much as I could and getting on the ice whenever I could and finishing up classes throughout the summer. So it was busy but it was fun and now I’m excited to be back here and start a new hockey season.

Q: You’re getting to know these guys. You played with some at the end of last year and you’ve been in a couple camps now. Does the familiarity just get better every time you’re on the ice with them?

A: Yeah, definitely. It’s getting easier every time out there, feeling more comfortable being around here. It’s just an easier place to be around. I’m not as nervous every time I walk in, and that’s making playing hockey feel easier.

Q: Do you set personal goals for yourself, as far as what you’d like to accomplish during a season, or do you not think that far ahead?

A: I definitely do. I set more short-term goals than anything. They’re usually things I don’t tell other people or let people know. I just go for them and I keep striving for bigger and better things.

Q: You know that you’re going to get a lot of attention, whether it’s from fans or opponents. Do you accept that challenge, that people are going to watching you?

A: Yeah, definitely. It’s flattering and it means that you’ve had a successful career so far. But it really means nothing. I have to make sure I keep improving here every day and become the player that everyone thinks I should be and the player that I want to be.

Q: Is there anything in particular that you’ve been looking at, as far as improving your game?

A: The game here is moving faster every time and there’s going to be a learning curve. It’s just learning the game, learning the small things about being more patient and everything. That will come with time, and I’m just trying to speed it up as much as possible.’

Q: Are you looking forward to working with Rob? There’s been a lot made about him being your mentor, so to speak.

A: Yeah, that would be quite a privilege and an honor. He’s a guy I grew up watching and idolizing, so it would be something else to have the possibility of dressing in the same locker room as him.

Q: And finally, tell us about the number. You’ve switched numbers and you got a single digit (3) now.

A: I got asked by the equipment manager if I’d like to change my number and I asked if there was any chance I’d be allowed to wear 3, which was my college number. They said that wouldn’t be a problem, so I’m glad I got a familiar number.

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