Rookie camp, Day 2

Today’s interviews are with Rob Blake, Wayne Simmonds and Trevor Lewis, but first I’ll transcribe yesterday’s interviews, since that’s something I said I would do yesterday.

The NHLers were back to work on the Olympic rink. In addition to the guys I listed yesterday, I also saw Thornton and Modry and a couple others.

Status quo with the rookie camp, although the switched up the order so that the forwards went last today. I had an informal chat with Marc Crawford while he was watching the practice and I was struck with how genuinely excited he seemed about the prospects. It wasn’t just a coach trying to pump up his players. He pointed out a number of guys and talked about their strong qualities. And not just the top-level guys. It even went down to guys like Dravecky and King, guys who really aren’t expected to show much at this stage in their development.

Crawford went so far as to list Dravecky among the players he thinks can contend for a spot on the Kings. Based on what I’ve seen and heard, Murray and Dravecky might be two guys to watch closely at the start of camp.

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  • JB

    Hey Rich- Personally I don’t mind if you drop transcribing if it saves you time and gets the vids up faster. I know you make your living on the written word but lets embrace technology and spend your time writing your thoughts, chasing down more interviews or news vs. transcribing.

  • 24diving

    Actually, Modry and Thornton were on the ice yesterday, I guess they just slipped past you.

    So glad to hear that yoy’re getting positive vibes about Murray. My thoughts from watching him at the three camps this summer are positive. He makes very good defensive moves which add to his offensive abilities which we’ve seen since he was 16. I’m hoping he makes the roster.

  • Derek

    I’ll interject my personal opinion also.

    Please don’t drop the transcriptions. I often check the blog while I’m out and about and I can’t watch videos on my phone.

    Don’t get me wrong, I really like the videos–being able to see Cammalleri’s body language was priceless–but if you need to drop one or the other, I’d vote for the videos, simply because text is usable from any device.


  • Puck U

    I’ve been to both afternoon team skates, {work gets in the way of going to the morning drills}, and will agree with Brady Murray. That kid has been impressive and it’s hard NOT to notice him, he’s really standing out and looking very good compared to the rest of the forwards. The other noticable forwards IMO are T. Lewis, T. Purcell, and B. Holloway.

    The Defensemen that have been standing out to me are obviously Jack Johnson, but also Joe Piskula {looks only a notch below JJ}, Brian Boyle {another year learning to transition to D and he’ll be a monster}, the new kid Drew Bagnall {looks like he has a mean streak and loves to initiate the contact}, and also Patrik Hersley hasn’t looked too bad. Overall the D prospect pool really is looking stronger than I ever remember it.

    NO one has really stood out of the 3 goalies, Quick & Ersberg look OK for AHL goalies, Rowat needs a lot of time to develop. Would have been nice to compare them to Bernier if he hadn’t had the Canada/Russia series commitment.

    More detailed reports from me of Monday & Tuesday’s afternoon skates up on LGK and HF, if anyone wants to read more.

    Thanks as always Rich.

  • JMullen

    Rich, you are awesome! I can’t believe how much work you are putting into this blog. We are eternally grateful – living in Colorado now, your blog has been invaluable to us. Thanks again.

    Janis & Tom Mullen