• Goon Squad

    I liked his answer about patterning his game after certain other defensemen. You kept waiting for him to mention Chara, or Blake, or Pronger, but instead he talked about learning positioning from guys who don’t have the size who are forced to be better. He deliberately did not compare his game to anyone specific. Seems like an intelligent guy.

  • LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

    I is not a easy things to play center all ones life and then at this stage in ones career, and so close to actually making it to the big show, be told that you would fit better at defense.

    Boyle seems to be taking it very well, and seems to be giving it all that he’s got. If he can actually make it on to the Kings roster and play in the NHL, he could be a very impressive two way player, seeing as he has already had great success at scoring while playing center.

    I am very excited for him and hope that his new endeavor is successful.

    Keep improving Brian, and keep up the good work Rich!