Simmonds transcript

I’m going to try to push through all the stuff I haven’t provided in the last couple days. The Boyle interview is uploading and I’ll start transcribing the other interviews. So here’s Wayne Simmonds…

Q: Wayne, you’ve already been at the development camp this year, so what has this week been like for you?

A: It’s been good. Even though it’s early, you learn a lot, because the coaches are out on the ice with you in every session and they’re teaching you things throughout the summer.

Q: You’re a guy who has attracted some attention because of the way you play. Can you kind of describe the way you play, to someone who might not have seen you in a game?

A: I like to be real physical, despite my size. I try to be powerful but I’m not that big yet. I stickhandle and try to do whatever needs to be done, pretty much.

Q: What’s the summer been like? You got drafted and you’ve been able to work with the coaches. How’s the development been?

A: Real good. I’ve just been busting my butt pretty much. I’ve been out here for two months with T.R. Goodman and that’s been going really well. I feel like I’m getting a lot stronger.

Q: Is that the key for you at this point, to build up the strength a little bit?

A: Oh yeah, definitely. I know that to play on this level I’m going to have to get a lot stronger, so that’s what I’m focusing on.

Q: Obviously you’re going to get a look here in training camp. Do you set expectations for yourself coming in?

A: My job is pretty much just to make it as hard as I possibly can for them to send me home. So that’s what I’m working on doing right now.

Q: The expectations aren’t going to be high. You’re not one of the guys they’re absolutely counting on to make the team. If there’s less pressure there, does that help you?

A: I think so, because there’s less pressure. I just want to be here as long as I can. Hopefully I can make the team and if not, I’ll go back to junior.

Q: Does it feel like a big step? You’re working with some guys who have played in junior and the minors. What’s the competition level been like?

A: The overall speed of the game changes. In junior sometimes you can just float. Right now, if I tried to float I would get caught and it’s almost impossible to recover, so you just have to make sure you remember that at all times.

Q: You look like a guy who likes to have fun out there. Is energy a big key to your game?

A: Energy is definitely a big thing for me. If I’m not having fun out there then I’m probably not playing well. It’s hockey, so it’s fun.

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