• Darren

    Did Dan play ok in your book and the goals were legit or did he look like The Dan of Last season?

  • GMatsuda

    The only goal you might blame him for was the wrap-around by Hoffman. He didn’t have much chance on the one-timer from the left circle by LaCouture, and on the one-timer by Kondratiev, Cloutier was screened. He’s actually looked quicker, especially with his legs, than he did at any point last season. But that probably isn’t saying much.

  • Kingsfan27

    Hmmmm…..7 of 10… he needs to be better than that.

    Please Dan, don’t make us boo you off the ice this year.

  • GMatsuda

    A .700 save percentage is indeed bad, but under the circumstances, you can’t just look at the numbers.

  • LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

    I just got back from the game.
    Not bad for our first pre-season game. Dan overall was solid but he is going to most definitely get better if he wants the #1 spot. The first goal against him while the Ducks were on the penalty was not really his fault, but he could have done a better job looking around the screen that was in front of him. He needs to keep his eye on the puck more. He was most definitely quick with the pad saves, but was too slow moving side to side, and it really showed on the wrap around goal. I give him a C-