• Bill “azkingfan”

    I’m so looking forward to these two in net.

  • lunchbox aka elizabeth

    matt, you’re doing a fantastic job so far with this blog. keep it up & thanks to both you AND rich for the updates. it’s like crack, but good. 🙂

  • Fletch

    Thanks Matt. Looking forward to seeing Bernier tomorrow night!

  • Tami

    Thanks Matt. Great job so far. Can’t wait to see Bernier in net tonight!

  • Scar

    It’s going to be such a treat to see Bernier in net i cant wait ^^

  • anthony

    Bernier is ready for the NHL RIGHT NOW.
    Just ask the Russian team that he shut out.
    Don’t senh him down to the Juniors. Keep him on the team so he could turn into a Quack Killer.
    I’m sure he’ll have better numbers than Jiggy, or whatever the Hell those quacks call him.