Crawford quotes

“You never like to lose but it is an evaluation period and we are playing a lot of people, trying to see how much development they need to move up the Los Angeles Kings’ food chain. So we got a chance to see a lot of young players playing some pretty significant roles tonight, whether on the power play or a guy like Bernier playing in the net at the key time of the game, and how well he looked tonight.”

More on Bernier: “Jonathan looks very poised. He really is square and I like the way the puck stays with him. He doesn’t spit out a lot of rebounds. He looks like he’s going to be a great goalie. I think the job of any player is to make it difficult for an organization to make a decision on you and I would be remiss if I didn’t say he was making it difficult for us, but it’s just one game.”

On the newcomers: “I thought Nagy, Handzus, Preissing and Stuart were all quite good tonight. For our first chance to see them in action, we were pleased. That was a pretty good outing for them. Those four particularly were amongst our more composed and evident players.”

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  • Francis

    I think Marc is leaning towards letting Bernier play in juniors another season and I agree with that. I don’t think it would serve any useful purpose in Bernier’s development to keep him as a back up this year.

  • Shaun – Long Beach ,CA

    Who said anything thing about him being a back up…?

    The only way Bernier stays with the kings is if he is the #1 goalie no other way would he be on the Kings Roster.