Game notes

The Kings were outshot 38-22. A big reason for that was the 10 power plays the Kings allowed. Both goalies played pretty well given the pressure. By adding a shorthanded goal, the Kings were only outscored 2-1 on the 10 power plays.

Brian Willsie led the team with six shots, scoring once and adding two assists. I’ve heard talk around camp that he’s the most-improved King from last season.

Jack Johnson spent a team-high 33:32 on the ice and looked good, getting an assist. After the game, he talked about the first NHL game he ever attended. He was 14 years old and it was a Kings game with his bantam hockey team. He was able to go into the Kings locker room after the game and Blake gave him his stick. He’s never told Blake this story.

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  • petey

    What happened to Cammalleri? I noticed he only had 7 minutes of ice time.

  • Ernest

    It’s preseason. Cammy was benched so the coaches can see the young guys.

    I am more concerned about Frolov’s injury. Any news?

  • Arwe Theryet


    Could you please give us insight as to why Frolov and Cammalleri left the game early?

    Thanks for the continued great coverage of the Kings.

  • JB

    Willsie? He was terrible last year so anything is an improvemen. As I said in a previous post I wasn’t impressed by him during 1st preseason game but I haven’t been able to see these last two games.

    Has he really been that much better Rich?

  • JD

    I was at the game last night and had a few observations… First, Bernier looks incredibly calm and fluid in goal, and made some great saves. His puck control was strong and he hardly gave up any rebounds. Clouts on the other hand, looked uncomfortable, couldn’t control the puck, gave up multiple chances on every shot and looked all together uneasy. Although he did give a strong showing in the shootout, and made another good save in the third. Tonight was also the first time I got to see Brian Boyle in person and wow the kid is a giant! I know we have all read how big he is, but seeing him on the ice his size just seems overwhelming. I thought he played well, and was glad to see him immediately rush in when Harrold was elbowed into the boards.
    Maybe I missed it somewhere along the lines but when in the world did Modry get an A on the jersey, or more importantly why? Modry continues to be the weakest link, and seemed to be waiting to make mistakes all night. He had zero physical presence, let guys get the better position all night and pretty much took the beating of fans comments all night. With so much defensive depth why is he here? Why does he get an A? Why did we ever want him back to slow us down?
    Overall, it was great getting to see the kids play before heading back to Manchester and the juniors. I couldn’t be more excited for what could be a very strong year. Rich you’re the best, and this blog has become my morning addiction. I can’t thank you enough for keeping us die hard Kings fans so well informed. Matt kudos for continuing the great work that Rich has started here. Thank you to you both! Go Kings!

  • Goodguy

    Any word on why cammy left the game early?

  • Jason

    The Kings had more shots than that. The shot keeper was not doing a good job. They didn’t even count that first goal as a shot. There were a few other instances where they just didn’t record them. I am 100% sure of this, because my dad noticed it too.

  • Quisp

    Re the love of Modry…

    I really think somebody needs to set up some kind of Modry stats pool, you know, where participants predict Modry’s stats relative to his teammates and the winner gets (of course) a replica Modry jersey. I wouldn’t know how to set up such a thing, but I do think it would be a fun way to see if everyone’s (lack of) love for Modry has any relation to reality.

    p.s. I am not Modry.

  • quisp

    alternatively, maybe some kind of Modry drinking game.

    (ten years ago, I did a similar thing with Blake’s ass checks — every time a thunderous Blake ass check occurred in the same shift as an opponent’s goal, I got free drinks…)

  • LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

    Haha…..hilarious Quisp, I like it! Set it up, I’m there.

  • quisp

    Seriously. We could be doing our little part to inspire Modry to greatness. (I for one think he’s better than it appears most others do, so I would be, in effect, “value investing”… of course I had Pfizer before Viagra)

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