(Not) On the road again

Things certainly came to an abrupt end here. The furious pace of training camp ended when the team left for Denver last night, and left behind all the writers in Los Angeles. It’s terribly frustrating for Matt or myself not to be able to travel, and if I say any more than that I might get in trouble with the people who distribute my paychecks. So, yeah.

I’m trying to organize something with the Kings’ PR folks so that I can talk to Crawford on a regular basis, or at least have access to what he’s saying in media sessions. That will be the best way to remain plugged in while the team is away. I’ll do what I can.

To that end, I’ve put out a message seeking info about why Cammalleri didn’t play late. I would imagine it’s the same as many folks have been saying…that they just wanted to get a look at other guys, but when I hear something more official, I’ll let everyone know.

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  • Roger

    Thanks Rich!

  • Rob

    A POX upon those who do not let Rich or Matt travel with the team…..
    Think of how amazing that would be to have the inside info daily while on the road.

  • Reaper

    Isn’t this blog the Daily News’ most popular? You’d think that they’d jet set you away to feed the beast.

  • Tami

    Awesome Rich! You’re amazing. As soon as you have any news on the Bernier situation as well, please pass it on!

  • jj

    Do you get to go to Vegas at least? Or is that on your own dime?

  • Marc

    ^ Booooo!

  • NC

    One really has to wonder how long it will take before the Daily News respects your efforts as much as the Kings fans do.

    As always, thanks for all of your work.

  • 619KingsFan

    Well, I have noticed that the “Inside the Kings” blog has caved in and is now covered in advertisements. While I understand that the ads were innevitable, and perhaps a good sign that “Inside the Kings” will be around for a while, maybe Daily News management could wise up and take the advertisement revenues, and GIVE RICH & MATT A TRAVEL BUDGET!!!!!

  • raL

    Great work guys! I heard something about Frolov not playing much last night either. What’s the word on that?

  • Arwe Theryet

    Who can we write to at the Daily News to voice our demand for Kings road coverage?


  • LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

    I am a little more concerned about Cammy’s lack of play after the second period. He did not come out of the dressing room for the third period. In total he logged the second least amount of ice time in the game 7:20. 10 seconds more than Ivanans and 28 seconds less than Simmonds. When he on the ice he almost was unnoticeable and only recorded 1 shot on goal, Very concerning! any info would be much appreciated Rich.
    raL, Frolov was scratched from last nights game.

  • raL

    thanks LAK10-11’SCC’S!!! for clearing that up.
    soooo…ummm, yeah how bout cammy?

  • JB

    Damn we need to take up a collection. How many times do we need to click on these adds to generate enough revenue for you to travel w/ the team?

  • Rich Hammond

    JB…I’d like to say that ad revenue on Kings blog = money for Kings travel, but that would be fair and, well, fill in your own blanks…

  • kingofdodgers

    I’ll do my part. *click*

  • JMullen

    I think once the Kings start winning on a regular basis (whenever that may be), the print coverage will increase. Everyone loves a winner!

  • BobMillersHair

    Rich, really appreciate this blog.
    The interviews, insight on the team, the game updates,. It is unbelievable!!!
    And the insight of you taking it a step further in not being able to travel to get updates on the team.
    (in the works, but the effort is appreciated)

    Curious to know Lambardis thoughts on how the prospects fared in training camp. What his projection of players like Boyle, Hickey, and Purcell may be
    Chance of Rich hooking up an interview.
    Thanks dude.

  • Fuzzerson

    Since Cammy’s Salary is about 2/3 what he thought he would get, he has decided to only play 2/3 of each game. ;->

  • WhoThePuck

    First I want to be clear that I asked why they hadn’t placed Ads on the site as the popularity exploded, but that I didn’t really want Ads. Now I feel like I’m being cookie attacked when I visit.

    That being said now that we are an Ad zone, the Daily News Advertising Department if they know what’s good for them, and want to continue to gain unexpected revenue should cough up the funds for Matt/Rich to following the team.

    Other papers will pick up Matt/Rich’s byline and print in their papers as the only choices today are AP or local guy to away game. This could be the second coup for the Daily News in a few months with hockey…….

    Great job as always Rich and Matt. Still want to know about the USC thing…..

  • 24diving

    Both of you have been doing such a great job covering the Kings, thank you. It’s too bad the powers that be don’t see the need to have on the road coverage. Your efforts to circumnavigate this through the Kings PR department is very much appreciated. It’s that you go the extra step that makes this blog so special. Thank you, again.

  • Army

    who’s the sports editor for the daily news? email address? let’s write some letters to get kings coverage on the road.