• Army


  • Mike

    i’m sure a lot of people have been waiting for this for a loooong time. too bad dan couldn’t get it together mentally and physically. he seems like a good enough guy and has a great athletic spirit.

  • JB

    Is this just a required step prior to sending him down to Manchester?

    I like it. Good call DL. Now give Bernier a shot at playing a whole game.

  • Tim

    It’s about time! Way to bite the bullet on this one. La Barbera and Bernier in 2008… Bernier at the finish.

  • Tami

    Holy smokes…have my prayers been answered??? šŸ˜‰

  • Darren

    Putting him on waivers allows them to send him to Manchester. I just don’t see them wanting to pay this guy 4 more years.

    Maybe he’s going to be in the Baily costume?


    I feel bad that he came here and was injured. But, he isn’t getting it done. Play at Manchester, and serve in the same capacity that LaBarbara did last year: team leader/mentor. At the same time, this speaks volumes for LaBarbara, Aubin, and most importantly Bernier!!!!!!

  • anthony

    I wonder if Lombardi is gonna take some heat for this. Remember, he just bought out Alyn McCauley’s contract. He signed him to a 3 year, 6 Million dollar contract knowing he an injury. They have to pay him $666.000 for the next 4 years (alot of money for nothing).
    Paying Cloutier all that money for nothing might start to ruffle some feathers with ownership.
    For his sake I hope Handzus (bum knee) and Calder (overpaid) don’t meet the same fate.

  • Ronnie Johansson

    OMG – Christmas came early this year!

  • Jayson

    It’s pretty funny that it took a 19 year old Goalie to knock some senses into DL.

  • BBanzai

    yes, YES YES!!! THE kings just got 150% better in goal, and thats with just a monkey waving a large spoon in net…..still better than Clouts!!