The waiver process

From what I understand — and I’m still waiting to hear official word on this — it’s a 24-hour waiver process. If the Kings started the process before 9 a.m. Pacific time today, we’ll know by 9 a.m. Pacific time tomorrow what Cloutier’s fate is. Teams can pluck him off waivers, but that’s highly doubtful given his huge salary. The next logical step, after he clears waivers, would be an assignment to Manchester.

I will do my best to get both Crawford and Lombardi on the phone today, as well as firm up these details…

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  • David Goverde

    How will the goaltending situation play out if Cloutier is assigned to Manchester, with Ersberg and Quick in the pipeline.

    Will Quick be assigned to Reading and see time as a starter in the ECHL, with Cloutier and Ersberg splitting duties in the AHL?

    Will the Kings go with a three-goalie tandem with Bernier, Aubin and LaBarbera or will they go down to two goaltenders when they return from Europe?


    No one will pick up that $3 million salary. He’s headed to Manchester. More good news is that clears up $3 million on the salary cap. If the Kings are in the race at the trade deadline, they’ll have additional cap space to pick up a vet or two…

  • David Goverde

    A good question to ask Lombardi; did he learn anything from this? Not only did he acquire an injured goaltender, but he signed him to an extension before even appearing in a single game. Did they even have him go through a medical physical or did they just assume he had completely recovered from his injuries from the prior season?

  • SS

    This is probably the best move for Dan. He hasn’t played much in the past few years and needs to get some quality game time.

    The Kings were just not willing to throw away half a season waiting for Cloutier to get his game back. Been there done that.

  • Mark3

    My waiver process…
    Extend arm into the air above head with hand open and flat, Move wrist side to side in a back and forth motion.
    Waiving Dan Cloutier GOODBYE!…for now. That story is far from over.

  • Crash Davis

    This IS a good move for Dan & Kings, although if I was Clouts I’d be pissed. But he gets time to get his game back by going to AHL. And who knows? Anything can happen with Kings goalies over a season. Last year, as we know, is great evidence of that. The other issue is waivers coming back to NHL & Kings. If Clouts is claimed by another team on a Kings recall, the other team pays only HALF his salary, the Kings picking up the OTHER HALF. It’s a weird way to not have to pick up the whole contract…that’s IF another team claims him and YOU DON’T REALLY WANT HIM. That said, he has a large contract that most NHL teams don’t want. And maybe the real reason Kings send him to AHL is to “showcase” him over time.

  • Marc Nathan

    Having read the Waiver portion of the CBA, to confirm, you are correct in the 24 hour period. I am sure every time Dean’s cell phone rings he will hope and pray for a Christmas miracle, but it would more likely be his Higher Power calling to say “I Told You So.”

    Just a financially irresponsible move from the word go. Cloutier has never been worthy of the hype that surrounded him when he was drafted by the Rags… and his inability to stay healthy over recent years only made it more difficult to swallow the committment the Kings made to him.

    So now, as Crow eats crow… and Dean has to explain to AEG how he flushed a few extra million down the corporate toilet, we’re still left with the worst goaltending in the NHL, and no 19 year old kid is going to be able to steer a ship that is inhabited by a bunch of players who haven’t seen the post season since the turn of the century.

  • anthony

    David G. has a good point.
    Lombardi made the same mistake with Alyn McCauley. Signing him to a 3 year, $6 million dollar contract while he had a bum knee. They bought him out and are now paying him $666.000 for the next 4 years (alot of money for nothing).
    I wounder if he’s ruffled some feathers with the ownership (obviously it’s their money not Lombardi’s)
    I also hope Handzus (bum knee) & Calder (way overpaid) don’t meet the same fate. Otherwise there might be another job waiting to be filled.

  • Army

    Ahhh, Negative Nathan, the wisdom of hindsight! Must be nice. Obviously taking chances isn’t your specialty. Hence your prediction that one of the worst teams last year won’t do so well this year. Wow, big time insight. The kid won’t be at the helm of any ship should we turn heads this season. He’ll be to busy swabbin’ the deck, keepin’ those pucks at bay! All hail Captain Lombardi! All others, walk the plank! Arrgh matey!

  • Marc Nathan


    there’s a big difference between negative and reality, and my “hindsight” was foresight at this time last year when people were talking playoffs and I was talking top 5 pick. Has the team improved? Absolutely, but based on a shortened pre-season and an inordinate amount of travel, and bodies, it’s hard to say that this team is “coming together” — It’s gonna take a while, and you don’t have the luxury of time as it relates to Bernier. Once he’s played 10 games for the team, he’s on the books, his year counts, and the clock ticks on free agency, which, though still a number of years away, is one year closer if you thrust him into this year’s mix. Negative would be to say “this year’s mess.” But, this is a team that will absolutely not make the playoffs unless goaltending is addressed, and for that you can call me negative, and choose to berate my “big time insight,” but it’s a truth that’s unavoidable. Is it worth putting Bernier in that position this season? Personally, I think not…

  • Army

    There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of fun on our time Mr. Hand! FAR from berating, just a little jab in defense of the multiple jabs at Lombardi, who I think is doing a heck of a job. Someone else jump in here, off to work…

  • LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

    I could be wrong, but I don’t believe that the organization would be putting pressure on the kid to lead us to the playoffs with a brilliant season. All they and us fans want is for him and any other goalie to do their best and not let that goal that just deflates the team, like we saw far too many times last year. If we can get that then I think that the rest of the team can do what it will take to “sneak” us into the playoff. At this time Bernier looks to be the best canidate for that job, and I don’t think anyone is looking for him to win the Vezina, or take us to the cup. So to that end, I don’t see how by playing Bernier is a risk! If he can do the job then great! If not send him down after 9 games, and use the money saved on DC’s cap hit to go and get someone who can. Maybe Bryzgalov, who knows?

  • Casbahrock77

    Since we’re on the subject of waivers, I have a question that, hopefully, someone can answer. Remember when the San Jose Sharks demoted Steve Bernier and Matt Carle last season? They were both second-year players who had both played over 10 games that season at that point. My question is: Did they have to clear waivers to be both sent down and subsequently recalled? If so, I’m rather amazed that no other team claimed either of the young, talented players.

  • No One


    The 10 games isn’t for waivers. Waivers is covered in Article 13, and it is based on age of first contract, years, and games played.

  • No One

    and casbah.. no they were not subject to waivers.

  • Chewy Rocky Horror

    Good Luck Dan. You have always been a class act despite of the crap you’ve taken last year and in the pre-season game this year. I respect you as a player and as solid human being because you never turn down interviews and answer the tough questions and criticism. Hopefully you can regain your skills in Manchester.