Ducks 4-0

LaBarbera pushed the puck into the corner but Modry, with two Ducks on him, didn’t get help couldn’t work it out. The puck got flipped to Travis Moen in the slot and Moen beat LaBarbera with a simple high wrist shot. The goal came 4:10 into the period. Niedermayer and Marchant with the assists.

It’s barely a game at this point. The Ducks are dominating all facets.

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  • Army

    Can anyone say, “shell-shocked”!? Labarbera looks completly lost to me. Very dissapointing. Our skaters are not doing much to help him, but 2 shots and 2 goals? Come’on!

  • nick

    we’re playing differently due to the lack of confidence in the netminder… its the same thing that happened last season with cloutier/ etc…
    the players get a boost knowing the goalie is solid and doesnt give up the weak goals, like labs has today… this is why Bernier must get more playing time; to see if he can provide the confidence boosting kind of goaltending… save me Obi Wan… uh…Jonathan Bernier, you’re my only hope!