• Army

    All around a very dissapointing game. Frolov is in mid-season-laid-back-form. Does that guy have an ounce of fight in him? Man, for as talented as he is, he really brings me down.

  • Kevco

    Well now who do we start in goal? Can we keep three?

  • Kevin

    You can carry three goalies in the NHL regular season, you just have to use one of your 23 total roster spots towards the extra goalie. Meaning instead of 21 spots divided amongst defense and offense, you only have 20 to work with. They can keep Bernier for 9 games until they have to decide whether to keep him or send him back to juniors.

  • Army

    I think that decision has already been made. Bernier is NOT going back to juniors, you can count on that.