Inside the box score 9/30

Unlike yesterday, today’s effort looked much like the one the 2006-07 Kings would have given. That’s not a good sign for a team that needs to establish a new identity. The Ducks came out with fire, which the Kings should have expected, but except in brief spurts they didn’t do anything to match the Ducks’ intensity. The Kings looked better in the third period, but that was against a Ducks team defending a 4-1 lead.

Jason LaBarbera will take some heat today, and he deserves some of it. He stopped 21 of 25 shots. But at times he was also a major victim of the play in front of him. From a pure goaltending standpoint, Bernier looked better yesterday, but certainly Bernier would have struggled some if he had started today’s game.

The Kings had two shots on goal during five power plays. That’s an easy way to lose a game. Give the Ducks credit for staying out of the box and for their strong, aggressive penalty killing. And, to be fair, credit the Kings for taking only one minor penalty after that dreadful first period.

The second-period line changes seemed to work a little, but the Ducks were still getting the better of the Kings. As the game went on, Frolov appeared to get more comfortable with Handzus and Nagy. Maybe the Kings have finally found a couple guys Frolov can work well with.

Patrick O’Sullivan and Brady Murray impressed again today. Michael Cammalleri and Anze Kopitar were solid again.

Jack Johnson played 22 minutes, 17 seconds, more than Rob Blake. Brad Stuart played 23:25 and Lubomir Visnovsky played 22:00.

The Ducks outshot the Kings 25-23 and won 30 of 57 faceoffs. Cammalleri and Kopitar each had four shots on goal for the Kings. Dustin Brown was credited with six hits and Scott Thornton with five hits. Visnovsky had four of the Kings’ 16 giveaways.

I’ll post postgame quotes as I run across them…

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  • Contrarian

    Visnovsky is a liability to the team and should be traded immediately! 🙂

    If it was Modry, he would have been taken to the Tower of London and beheaded, but since he’s not a hard-hitting d-man like Lubo, he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt…

  • Shaun – Long Beach ,CA

    If you look at the differnce between Barbs and Bernier there is a huge gap IMHO. Barbs gives up way to may rebounds. It seemed like every shot that he made a save on today he gave up a rebound.

    Yesterday Bernier was like a piece of velcro and the puck was sticking to him. Every puck that hit him seem to stick or went right to a kings player.

    Also Brabs was all over the place kind of eratic
    while bernier was calm and colletive. the team seem to have no faith in Barbs, unlike they did with Bernier. If im Crawford Ii put in the goalie who makes my team feel most comfortable and right now Barbs is not that goalie.


  • Kyle B.

    Well…(sigh..)…it’s funny that you say they looked like the 2006-2007 Kings, because that’s exactly how I described it to my dad.

    Anyways…I think that this win was a fluke. The Kings looked horrible, but look back at every penalty that was taken in the first period, and you’ll see that they were not penalties at all, or if there were penalties, then they were on the Ducks. I can’t recall all of them…but if you were to look back — they should not have been called.

    I hope that the Kings can come back on Saturday and change their game by then. I have a feeling that the Ducks simply made the Kings look good yesterday with their lackluster play, and I am afraid that today’s game could reflect the rest of the season.

    Again, I hope not.

    Good Luck Kings…

  • anthony

    Very dissapointed with Crawford’s line combination. Only when they were down 4-0 is when he started to put together some impressive lines.
    I agree Rich, O’Sullivan was probably the best King player in these 2 games.
    He needs to get more ice time and play on the power play. With all his offensive talents, he shouldn’t be plaing on the 4th line with Ivanans & Thornton.
    One of your fans commented that he has the talent to be a point per game player.
    So far 2 games, 2 points, and a plus 2.
    Does anyone agree.

  • mrkuyukot

    I wish MC had started Bernier. I would like to have seen him go up against todays Ducks and the so called defense that we had today, then again…I wonder if a lack of confidence towards our goaltender is what have led to our disastrous defense?
    In any case, I guess Lubo’s having one of his lazy days. Is it only me or have some of you guys ever notice how he tends to get lazy sometimes w/ the passes and chasing after the puck?

  • Martyr

    Yeah I agree Anthony, Sully shouldnt be on the 4th line with Thorton and Ivanans and he has the skill to be a point per game player. I thought he looked good with Greasey and Army on whatever line they were. Good energy line with skill working the boards.

  • Martyr

    Hey Rich, any word on who will start in net for the home opener? I really hope its J.B .

  • JB

    Sully best player? Must be some family members or friends posting.

    I’m not Cammy’s biggest fan but got to say he was by far the best over these two games. He went into Pronger several times, played good D, and oh had 3 goals. Barb was all over the place.

  • Stupidhead

    Sure Cammy has three goals. He is expected to score. When people are saying O’Sullivan is the best player, I think they are saying he is doing the best with what he is given. I agree he should not be playing on the 4th line and I hope Crawford is not having him “earn” ice time. Because after Saturday’s game, he deserves higher-skilled line mates.

    But what do I know?? I am just a stupidhead.

  • JB

    Sorry but Sullivan had a couple great setups and if I saw correctly one opportunity where he was alone near the edge of faceoff circle/slot and he shot it over the net (although didn’t see a replay so I may have missed if was actually a save or deflection) but he seems to always shoot the puck so high. Maybe a little less curve on the stick.

    Needs to earn the spot not have it given to him.

  • anthony

    Yo JB
    Cammy averages over 20 minutes a game, plays with kopitar, and always starts off on the power play. He better score those goals.

    Sully, plays 2-3 minutes a period with Ivanans and Zelier. Oh yes, sometimes Thornton. Wow.
    Put Cammy in that situation and see how much he produces. Next time look at the stats and do some research before engaging your keyboard.

  • NMKingsFan

    Here’s my research, Anthony=0 Stanley Cups on his resume, Crawford=1 Stanley Cup.
    Yeah, I would like to see Sully move up a line or 2, but I am not the coach, I am not with them during practice, in the locker room, at ice level during games…maybe Crawford knows something more than us fans…give it a break, let’s see how this season pans out and allow others to have a different opinion. There’s a better site for that negativity. (steppin down from the soapbox)

  • Goon Squad

    “I hope Crawford is not having him “earn” ice time.”

    Stupidhead…please tell me you’re joking. Of course he is. Every guy on the team has to earn his ice time. Crawford learned his lesson from Cloutiergate and I’m glad. O’Sullivan looks really good right now, but last year he was given a spot without earning it and he choked it, so yes, he absolutely needs to earn his ice.

  • JD

    Contrarian – I guess you didn’t watch the games this weekend, and possibly any games this preseason or the end of last year, but Modry is unbelievably horrible. Lubo has been a solid defenseman on both sides of the puck. Maybe contrarian = Modry in which case trade = happy kings fans

  • Dan H.

    Andy Murray made people EARN ice time no matter who they were. Crawford is a different animal that rewards veterans whether they earn it or not. I agree we should let him vet out the lines how he see’s, but putting Frolov on the third line with nothing to work with isn’t helping him either. Maybe Fro and Sully would be 2/3 of a line with someone like Calder in the middle. Hell even Brady Murray who showed some quicks in the first two games would be better than what they’re both playing with.

  • JB

    Anthony- Take your own advice and check the stats. Cammy wasn’t w/ Kop when he scored that goal. Two, that was a freaking great shot from a terrible angle at even strength. Oh and Sullivan got an assist but that goal was all Cammy.

    And Sully only plays w/ those guys this season. Last year he was given #1 line status and did nothing w/ it.

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