New lines, redux


That makes more sense, although Thornton is now off for five minutes for a fight with Parros. Lots of throws, little contact, although the Brits loved it. Just about midway through the period.

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  • anthony

    About time.
    Maybe Crawford does at least have half a brain!!!

  • Good2bKings

    Fro doesn’t work well with Zus and Nagy. The Sully-Army-Calder line looked great right before Cammy’s goal. Murray is starting to impress. I am not impressed with JLB. He seems slow, and his decisions to pounce on the puck backfired. If he holds the line, the Ducks don’t score the first two PP goals. Not impressive at all.

  • nick

    about time thornton does something to make us believe he deserves to play… he has no place on the team unless he finds his guts and actually hits people,,, a fight is one step in the right direction… but hes got to do it MUCH more than he does… I’d honestly prefer Parros to him or Ivanans…

  • Anonymous

    thornton kicked his ass… god, i wish we had someone who could be physical, box, and score… a probert type.

  • Raymond

    Yea Probert really lit the lamp