Postgame interviews

Most the print stories obviously centered around the Ducks and contained their postgame comments, but here are the transcripts of online interviews that Jim Fox did with Brady Murray and Dustin Brown…


(On is first two NHL games)
Growing up playing hockey, it’s something you always dream about and you always think one day you’ll reach that. It’s just great to be in this situation right now.

(On the difference in the two games against the Ducks)
We were real strong the first game, a lot of team speed. I don’t know what happened in the second game. I don’t know if we had tired legs or what, but we just weren’t playing like ourselves.

(On playing against his dad, St. Louis coach Andy Murray, in the home opener Saturday)
Yeah, I looked at the schedule and I saw that the first home game is going to be against St. Louis. I’m more concerned about it being just the first home game. I’m more concerned about that than playing against my dad.


(On the two games)
We played a lot better in game one. We came out strong with a good start and we kept the pressure on them all game. It was kind of vice versa in this game. They came out and had a strong start and we didn’t come out and battle and compete like we needed to and they got a jump on us.

(On the Kings’ energy level)
Yeah, it probably was a little low. There’s no excuse for that. We’ve got to be up for every game. These are the games and these are the points that, when you look back at the end of the year, they’re the ones that get you in the playoffs or keep you out. So we’ve got to rebound from this game and get ready for the next one.

(On the Ducks’ strength down low in the offensive zone)
Yeah, with Getzlaf, Perry, Bertuzzi, they’re all guys that are hard to handle. They’re all over six feet and all have decent mobility. It’s tough to contain guys like that. That’s the core of their game, I think. We’ve got to be able to contain them and limit their quality chances.

(On his line, with Kopitar and Cammalleri)
I played with Kopi last year and I played with Cammy two years ago during the lockout. It’s just a matter of, I think we’re starting to get to know how each other plays.

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