Playing matchmaker

One of the things that stood out to me in the first game was the quick chemistry between linemates Michal Handzus and Ladislav Nagy. Obviously their history together plays a big part in that, and I asked Handzus if it felt as easy on the ice as it looked on television.

“I think we’ve still got a long way to go,” Handzus said. “We’ve played together a lot so obviously we know each other well on the ice. There is an understanding. I know what he’s doing and he knows what I’m doing. I know what he likes to do and where he likes to go, and it’s the same for him with me. Sometimes I don’t even have to look at him. I just know what’s going to happen.”

There is, of course, the matter of finding a second winger. Alexander Frolov and Patrick O’Sullivan have filled that role early, but Handzus said he isn’t tied to playing with any particular winger.

“It’s just been a short time right now, so we’ll see how it goes,” Handzus said. “If we click with somebody and start scoring goals, we will stay together.”

As for Handzus’ mystery injury in Europe, it was a groin strain. He said he’s fine now.

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  • anthony

    Just as long as they keep Zeiler off that line, it would be an improvement.
    Without ruffling anyone’s feathers, I don’t think Lombardi should have signed Zeiler to a 4 year contract. This player has absolutely zero talent. All he does is throw his body around.
    But he’s so under-sized and skinny, that he hits the ice first on his own body checks (rather than the opponent).
    I only hope his 4 year deal is a two way contract.
    Considering the wealth of talent we have in Manchester (Lewis, Cliche, Boyle, Parce, Meckler, etc…), he’s just taking up space and oxygen.

  • anthony

    Hey Rich,
    Is Zeiler’s 4 year deal a two-way contract, or is this another one of Lombardi’s typical write-off.

  • Rich Hammond

    Zeiler’s contract is two-year this season and one-way every year after that.

  • Don Cherry

    Hey Rich, can we trade Anthony for Hepatitis C?

  • Patrick Elias

    So THAT’S where I caught the Hepatitus from!!!! Thanks alot, Grapes. . .