Same guys, different result

It struck me during Saturday night’s game that the line of Kopitar, Cammalleri and Brown was getting a lot accomplished in 5-on-5 situations but seemed to stall on the power play. I asked Michael Cammalleri if he agreed with that assessment of his line’s play…

“We’re going to work on it and we’re going to get better at it,” Cammalleri said. “But I would agree. I think we generated, as a line, we generated tons of chances 5-on-5 in the last game, but on the power play we weren’t nearly as effective. Usually we’re a pretty good power-play line. We find a way to get it in there and get a lot of good chances. We know that, we’re aware of it and we’ll address it.”

The Kings went 1 for 7 on the power play against St. Louis.

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  • Sam McMaster

    As good as the first line is, maybe you break it up to get a better 2nd line. Kopitar is going to make anyone better, and it appears Cammalleri is a pure sniper that is going to score regardless. Put Camm on the second line, Frolov up with Kopitar.

  • Martyr

    Off topic: Could we use P.J. Axelsson? Boston is rumored to be shopping him around along with a draft pick for help on thier blueline. I say Petoit,Willsie,Klemm or Modry for P.J. and the draft pick. I havent had the chance to watch any Boston games this season but from what I remember he is pretty good(better than Willsie). Your thoughts?

  • LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

    I saw this rumor as well, and the thought of trading away Modry just to be rid of him would be awesome, but Axelsson comes with a pretty big price tag at 1.85 mil this and next season. Axelsson is also basically the same type of player as Willsie and he is only getting 850k for this year. Even if we throw in Willsie with the deal, essentially getting a draft pick for Willsie, we would still be stuck with Axelsson’s salary, and the draft pick would probably not be a very high one and probably not for this coming draft.
    I would rather see us trade Modry away for another underachieving defenseman who is much younger and hopefully more talented.

    Blake is another dman that I wouldn’t mind being rid of, him and his LARGE salary!

  • 619KingsFan

    Hey Rich,

    That was a great question to ask Mike – thanks for not holding back. I think it is promising of Cammalleri’s attitude that he admits the Power Play unit is underperforming, and that they are addressing it. Mike’s skating and demeanour are making me more confident in the staff’s decision to award him an “A” to wear.

  • The Dragon

    I agree with LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!! about Blake. As a fan that pays to go to the games, I dont see the value. He is living off his performance and reputation of the past and not his current contributions and talent. His 6 million is sucking the team dry and keeping them from getting a player who is able to contribute to the team winning games. It has been said he provides leadership in the locker room but that does not appear to transfer to the ice where it is needed. Our second and third line issues could be easily solved with 6 million. How much leadership is needed in the locker room anyway? Should that not be something the coach should provide? If more leadership is needed then send Luc down there between periods. His salary has no impact on the cap! If Blake is going to wear the C and take 6 million in salary, there should NEVER be a game or a shift that he plays that he should or could make an excuse for the team or himself! No more excuses such as we just didnt get it done or anything along those lines. I pay my hard earned money for tickets which in turn pay his salary. So do you! That was the Home opener, a sell out and our first look at a new team. If you cant give it your all for 3 periods under these circumstances – DONT PLAY! Admit you are past your prime and take a job in the front office with an over paid salary which Im sure will be offered to him. Give the opportunity to someone who has a bit of fire in them. Give us the fans a reason to be fans of the organization. Give the ice time to players who play like they need to prove something and not to players who feel they deserve something.

  • anthony

    I don’t think Blake is all that concerned about the team.
    Seems to me, it’s all about his image and pocket book now.
    By the end of this year, his reputation will be ruined. Mark my words.
    I hope Lombardi isn’t stupid enough to sign him again.

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