Crawford quotes

“I thought the difference in the game tonight was their third line was great and ours wasnt. It wasnt Nash or Vyborny or Fedorov or any of their highly skilled players that was the difference tonight. Their grinding line of Malhotra, Chimera and Fritsche was better than the lines we had playinig against them, and that quite simply was the difference in the game.”

“They got a great goaltending performance tonight. We know what that’s about. Jason’s played some games where he’s given us some outstanding performances and their guy gave them one tonight. We had six chances on the 5-on-3 and he was just a big guy in the net. Every once in a while you get a performance like that against you and all you can do is tip your hat.”

“We had lots of great opportunities. We scored the powerplay goal and the 5-on-3 we had a number of chances, then another flurry of chances in third period, and their goaltender stood tall. I’m not disappointed with our performance tonight. We looked at this as an opportunity. We didnt pass with flying colors by any stretch of the imagination but we worked and it wasnt to be tonight. We know we can be better, especially in the neutral zone, and we need to be better from our peop who have the responsibility of grinding it out as well.”

“Well, I think the point was we got to come out together and make sure we take care of our own zone. If you take care of your own zone, you’re going to have the puck in neutral zone and the ability to come up together. It’s always better when you can attack in numbers. You show your maturity when you recongize thats the way its got to be. You’re not going to score on every shift. You got to realize some shifts you got to play well on your own end, some shifts you got to dump it in and some shifts it will open up and the ice will be there for you. We’re still in the facet of our team where our guys are learning that. I Thought we were better in third period when we didnt turn the puck over.”

“I thought from the midway point of the game on we actually started getting a lot more forechecking pressure and had a lot more continuity in our play, but we spotted them three goals and in this league sometimes thats too much to overcome. It certainly was tonight.”

On LaBarbera: “I thought he was fine tonight. It was a situation where their goalie ended up being the best guy in the game, but Jason has been best guy in game for, what, four or five games for us. He didnt play poorly tonight. He played actually I thought quite well. They have some very good offensive players that tax your team. That grinding line was a taxing handful all night.”

“I know our guys are frustrated with the game tonight because they lost their streak, but now we got the opportunity to start a new one again on Friday and thats where we need focus our energies. We’ll take the good things from tonight and start anew.”

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  • ChrisD

    I only caught the 3rd period..


    And we lost too…FIRE CRAWFORD!!

  • anthony

    Start a new streak huh.
    What a great idea.
    What a brilliant coach we have.
    We’re rescued.
    I feel so much better now.
    I can actually go to sleep tonight with a smile on my face.

  • Lil Devil

    Man, some of the comments tonight by the typical whiners and naysayers. The team didnt play the best game, but Columbus played a damn good game. We knew their goaltenders stats before coming into it and they are a hot team right now. Why can some of you just not be able to deal with a loss when a team was just better than us? Fire the coach, trade so and so, change goalies….

    Some of you will never be satisfied with a growing team…especially when we have 30 damn good competitive teams in the NHL.

  • JOE

    Hey lil devil… i do agree with you that colombus played a great game. however, and i think you’ll agree with me too here, the kings came out flat footed. maybe the saddest part was the fact that visnovsky made so many turnovers that we can actually crown him the new modry. ok that’s a little harsh, but i can say that the top defensive pairing tonight was a JOKE. Stuart and preissing are looking better and better, even though they aren’t piling up the shots. and as far as bagging on Crawford goes… who else can you blame? 90% of the coaches job is to keep the team tight and motivated. there is nothing complicated about colombus’ game. they need to match the hard work with all of that talent. the fourth line wasn’t even hitting today. the only bright spot was Kyle Calder, and i think hes beginning to look like the smartest addition this year. but in reality, those calling for crawford’s head are making calls prematurely, but i can definitely see where they are coming from.

  • Marc Nathan

    I like Columbus a lot and I think they outplayed the Kings, and I think Hitchcock outcoached Crawford by a country mile. One thing that really impressed me about the Jackets was their ability to consistently find themselves between the puck and the Kings player(s).

    And, what’s up with Handzus? Was it the -3 through two periods that caused Crawford to nail his ass to the bench or did he bruise his (insert female body part here)?

  • anthony

    Not a difficult challenge to a outcoach crawford.

  • Tito Jackson

    So many coaches and/or NHL players that are Kings fans. Espcially in the crowd. Its amazing how so many people know when the Kings should shoot during a power play, etc.
    Columbus played a solid game. Kings weren’t up to it. They aren’t going to win all the time.

  • m

    Crawford’s quotes are starting to create a streak of their own.
    “I’m not disappointed with our performance tonight.”
    Yet the Kings lost. Team’s that win get disappointed with any loss; it doesn’t matter against who or what opposition.

    “I thought from the midway point of the game on we actually started getting a lot more forechecking pressure and had a lot more continuity in our play”
    It looks like the first half of the game you could be disappointed in. Maybe even upset about, considering the Kings didn’t come out flying.

    The best thing I saw in his quotes was that he shared that the “guys are frustrated with the game tonight.” Good. They should be. They had some sloppy play in their own zone. The guys SHOULD be frustrated and disappointed, especially since the head coach isn’t emphasizing that.

  • Kyle B.

    I like Crawford. I don’t understand what everyone doesn’t like about him. Could you guys explain that one for me please?

    What does he do specifically to make you all hate him?

  • taz42

    I’ll answer for myself here why my dislike with Crow. Thinking back to last year for one thing. Continuing to go with Clutz, when he could see what was going on out on the ice and yet, he won’t stick with sucessful lines now. Inconsistancy with his attitude.

  • kevin

    they need to start putting brownie in front of the net especially now that calders out i mean ive thought the whole year that calder being the front of the net presence for the kings is pathetic

  • kevin

    they need to start putting brownie in front of the net especially now that calders out i mean ive thought the whole year that calder being the front of the net presence for the kings is pathetic

  • kevin

    they need to start putting brownie in front of the net especially now that calders out i mean ive thought the whole year that calder being the front of the net presence for the kings is pathetic

  • LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

    Although I myself would like to see a coaching change, I think that a lot of you guys are over reacting on the statements that Crow is making to the media. This isn’t Canada, so are press doesn’t care about hearing the truth from it’s players and coaches like they do over there. For all that we know, Crow could be telling the media one thing, to sound positive, while ringing the players about all the same grips that you all mention, and that I mostly agree with, behind closed doors. I don’t know if this is the case or if Crow is really this much of a p**sy, but what I do know is that whatever Crow is saying to the players does not seem to be working in a positive manner, and that is why I want to see him go!

  • Zad

    Whether we win or lose, I keep coming back to one conclusion. This is a Kings team that is poorly coached and lacks a veteran leader. Not veteran player. Veteran LEADER. A 30+ player that through his play on the ice inspires and leads the other players to play better.

    When you get a bunch of young players together in a random and bizarre style like Crawford AND you have NOBODY on the ice that leads them, you get inconsistency and chaos.

    A TREMENDOUS amount of credit goes to our young players (Kopitar, Cammy, Brown, O’Sullivan, JMFJ and to a much smaller extent Frolov) for carrying this team, but do some of you realize how young these guys are? Do some of you in your 30’s (like me) remember how you were in your early 20’s?

    These are kids. They need an older brother on the ice. They need a father behind the bench.

    So, until we get that, because Blake is not it, Modry is not it, Visnovsky doesn’t have the presence to be it (although he is an allstar at the top of his game) and the other veterans have not shown any indication or potential they can be that, I think we get used to inconsistent effort from night to night.

    I use the Ducks as Exhibit 1 to this: Ducks without Niedermeyer and Pronger & that combined veteran leadership would not have made it past the first round last season. The Ducks of last season and this team have only two major differences – veteran leaders on the ice & exceptional coaching.

  • kb

    anyone who is talking smack on the kings vs colombus game i just want to say this. The kings played good and colombus played great. They looked strong on the forecheck and playoff ready. They just came off a big win verse the sharks one of the toughest hard hitting teams. (also great on the forecheck) The goalie was great tonight also. The kings just gave up too many and it was too little too late. Also i was very pissed we lost and it ruined my halloween. But who cares, we had won 4 in a row and that is a hell of an improvement from last season. Our team is coming together and LUBO had a great game. I have never seen the guy skate so hard.

  • LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

    Well said Zad!

  • Andre, Norway

    I didnt see the columbus game but I have seen the first 7 homegames and I we have played some damn good hockey and some baaad hockey. We are a very good team if everybody steps up and do their job. We have to put up 60 hard working minutes not 20, 30 40 or 50 min. See what happen against the blues ,40 god minutes-20 bad and we lost. Calgary 19.50 god minutes-40.10 bad minutes and we lost. And regarding Crawford so are I a little uncertain, I loved it when we got him but now I start to dislike him because he keeps juggling lines all the time. I understand that sometimes you have to do it to shake up things and to get a momentum but u have to give the guys time to get to now each other. And not change lines for every game. I understood that lubo had some turnovers in the last game-bench him for some shifts or an periode so he stops doing that. And against the sharks tonight we have to be ready to play from the first minute if not we are sharkfood. Go Kings Go