• Anonymous

    Halloween. I am sure everyone is in Hollywood

  • John Roy Morgan

    Kings went to school to-night.
    What did they learn?
    They learned what it’s like to play a good team
    LaBarbera is still weak high glove side.
    Frolov still avoids hits like the plague.
    Blake isn’t trying his hip checks
    There system is so transparent the Blue Jackets knew what the Kings were doing before the Kings did.
    Crawford said it best during the game, The team has to learn to play in their zone before they can play in the neutral zone, before they can play in the offensive zone. Damn isn’t that the Coach’s job to make the team play that way?

    Back to the drawing board, that is after the King’s play the Sharks, the Ducks and The Stars…

  • trapper9

    Actually, I thought the Kings played well tonight. Colombus just played REALLY well tonight.
    LaBarbra not giving away the puck on Chimera’s 2nd and if Frolov passes across to Kopitar on the 5 on 3 and it’s a differnt story. If the Kings keep working like this, good things will come.

  • taz42

    I think the Kings have played better D in the past, but they weren’t really all that bad. Labs did all he could do tonite and this team was just beaten by B.J.’s goalie. Just that simple.

  • Jeremy Schwartz

    that’s such a bummer, I would be at the game so fast if I had any money. Why can’t we get the kings to offer game night discount tickets? I might have done some serious crow heckling tonight, but at least there would be some energy and I’d buy a beer.

  • wanaki

    Good game tonight. Even in losing, they look better. They play with much more confidence and they control the puck far more than in past seasons.

  • MattGeorge

    I just got back from the game..

    They looked like they were trying tonight.

    Altho when the red wings look they’re trying…they get a win.

    maybe its just me.

    Im truly sick of this shit

  • Moondoggie

    Let’s not beat our boys up too bad. The Kings are a good young team. They got beat by another good young team tonight. Going into this game, we knew that CBJ would be difficult to score on, that it would be a low scoring affair and a defensive struggle. It lived up to that. Time to move on, next we have a home & home against the Sharks. Win those and we’re over .500. Things are not all that bad, the team played well enough to win but just ran into a team that is playing better defensively (which ultimately wins games in the NHL) and a hotter goaltender. JJ looked great, is he the deal or what??? On to SJC, enuf said.

  • MattGeorge

    im predicting a real hard fought game against SJ!

    The defense will step up…and the goaltending will be great!

    And we’ll still lose.

  • Mark

    The game wasn’t too bad tonight even though there was only 9 people in my section. The only main concern I have is for the contract that Visnovsky received why isn’t he being held as much responsible for this team like Rob Blake? I’ve noticed that he’s been playing scared on defense and turns over the puck because he’s afraid of getting hit. We need to take a look at the Blake/Visnovsky and Stuart/Preissing line they are not getting it done. Major props for O’sullivan and Willie last night. Both players came ready to play and kept their tempo going while the rest of the team were running through the drills.

  • Dan H.

    It looked like the effort was there, the BJ’s goalie was just better…and Adam Foote doing a two pad slide to block Cammi’s shot in the third.

    Don’t jump on the “we suck” bandwagon because they lost 1/5…I’ll take 4/5 wins all year long. Hopefully they keep the effort up and good things will happen.