Post-game notes

The Blue Jackets showed the Kings what a really good team plays like tonight. They were strong. That said, the Kings played well the second half of the game. LeClaire was just too good to let them back in.

Crawford said the difference was the third line of Malhotra, Chimera and Fritsche outplaying Calder, Handzus and Willsie, or any other combination he tried.

The Kings remain tied for second place in the division with Dallas, two points behind San Jose, with back-to-back games against the Sharks coming Friday in San Jose and Saturday in Los Angeles.

Ladislav Nagy, who assisted on Calder’s goal, has six points in the last five games since returning from his benching.

The last home game with worse attendance for the Kings was 9,686 on March 4, 1999, at the Forum.

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  • Alex

    Why does Crawford always start out with the usual lines then change them partway through the game?

  • anthony

    I don’t care how many 4 game winning streaks the kings have. Or a 10 game winning streak. Or a 20 game winning. This team will never be a Stanley Cup contender so long as Crawford is the coach.
    There’s just too many things wrong with his coaching.
    I would go through it all, but it’s late and I’m tired.
    Just a few comments.
    John Zeiler is not skilled enough to play in the NHL. Not even the AHL. Maybe the ECHL. His Minus -3 performance today was joke.
    I hope on the teams next road trip, he finds his way to Manchester. I predict Thornton’s day is coming (WOW).
    The more I watch Blake play on the ice with that “C” on his uniform, the more ill I become.
    But when I saw Ivanans skate with Kopitar & Brown in the 3rd period, I’m sorry, I just had to change the channel.
    And finally, can anybody explain to me why this team is paying Handzus $4 Million a year. He’s ineffective offensively and it’s so obvious he’s playing injured. I predict this is going to be another Alyn McCauley-like buyout.
    $6 Million to McCauley
    $12 Million to Blake
    $9 Million to Cloutier
    $16 Million to Handzus
    Lombardi better hope that ownership doesn’t know about the New york post rumor. Or maybe they started it.

  • joe

    strange, I thought I heard bob miller announce a little over 7,000…

  • Dan H.

    “Crawford said the difference was the third line of Malhotra, Chimera and Fritsche outplaying Calder, Handzus and Willsie, or any other combination he tried.”

    Yeah this is the thing I HATE about Crawford is the line changes. You have lines clicking and guys scoring and then I saw Cammy playing with Ivanans and someone in the third while Brown and Kopitar had another linemate the next shift.

    Sully hasn’t played with fro and nagy in two games but has been bumped down with willsie and someone else (alzheimers).

    Leave the lines alone for a few games, especially when they ARE scoring.

  • Mark

    Hey anthony do you quack in your sleep? Seriously dude get a life. If you don’t think the Kings will ever get anything done (even if they go on a 20 game winning streak) then why even bother with the team? So if we fire Lombardi and Crawford today does that mean we’re automatic Stanley Cup contenders?

  • Bubba

    Hey anthony, do you just cut and paste your posts. You say the same crap everyday.

    Oh and John Zeiler is a fine 4th line energy guy. His -3 tonight has been an anomoly this season.

  • Brent

    Although I like him, I have to agree that Zeiler is not an NHLer. He can’t skate without falling, he can’t score, he can’t make passes and he can’t play defense. Overall he just isn’t good aside from the strange hit he connects on. Scott Thornton is a much better option,or even Dallman at wing.

  • in2hockey

    hey anthony stop watching !!!!! and stop posting no one wants to read your opinion anymore!!!

  • http://gands Anonymous

    have to agree zeiler is just a temporary stop gap. but i think the same thing about Ivanans! Thorton is better than both.