• James

    Hahaha. It sure will be. You guys predict a five game winning streak?

  • Dan H.

    Stonewall Jackson

  • Dan C

    Beach Ball

  • Mark C

    A coach

  • Alexander F.

    The Invisible Man

  • Tito Jackson

    Bailey. Make sure to wave with both hands at me so I know you are a fan of this blog.

  • Scott Thornton

    Joe Thornton

  • Dan H.

    hah…I remember that trade. We got Thornton from SJ? AWESOME!…Oh Scott Thornton?

    What a dash to my hopes.

  • Kingsfan27

    Scott, I thought you were going to dress up as a Kings player tonight…no?…Oh…well then why would you go out of your way put a “A” on your personalized Kings jersey??

  • Bubba

    I will be going as the worlds most negative Kings fan that can never see any good and always has to be obnoxious about it. In other words, I am going as anthony!

  • KB


  • Marc Nathan

    I just hope none of the Blue Jackets dress up as Tyler Wright, and that Jason LaBarbera doesn’t dress up as Jamie Storr. That game was perhaps the low point of my Kings watching. A Tyler Wright Hat Trick, indeed!

  • Pierroth

    I’m dressing up as Tim Lieweakly and I’ll be throwing money away in the crowd. About $250MM.

  • Ken Hitchcock

    I will be dressing up as former Hollywood Squares and 1970’s game show icon, Rip Taylor.


  • J. Modry

    I have decided to dress up as my role-model, mentor, hero, and life-coach: Aki Berg

  • Kingscritic

    I will be wearing the same outfit I’ve worn for the last 30 years! I will be dressed as a long suffering Kings fan waiting for a Stanley Cup!

  • JW

    Does anyone know the rules for Staples Center and costumes? What is not allowed?

  • FroFan

    Modry, I have a Berg jersey you can borrow.

    Sadly, I really do.

  • Maple Leafs Nation

    That’s a great idea, FroFan! We all would like to give away our Aki Berg jersies for costumes, too!!!

  • Sybil227

    JW – Staples Center dress code pretty much only outlaws nudity and “offensive” dress. Of course, they get to decide what’s offensive. However, I spoke to my account rep and he said, it being Halloween, they were giving wide leeway for people dressing up. I’m currently wearing a latex prosthetic on my face & a hooded cloak. He said that should be fine.
    Hope this helps.

  • Grady Little

    I’m dressing up as Joe Torre…

  • Grady Little

    …I hope it helps.

  • Daniel

    Cammi and Avery smack-talk. From David Amber’s Q&A on the ESPN site:
    “Q: You’re a pretty low-key guy, but this summer, I’m flipping channels, and there you are on “MTV Cribs.” How did you get chosen for that?

    A: They just called me up. They wanted to do it. So far, it has only been played in Canada. I guess they need to fill up their Canadian content. I’m Canadian, so it worked out for them.

    Q: So, did you go out and rent some Bentleys so you could look like a serious roller?

    A: (Laughs) No, I did it “au naturale.” That’s my real house. It would look the same if you came by today. I still have that one same car and that’s the way it is. I’m not like Sean Avery, who borrowed Pavol Demitra’s Bentley and pretended it was his.”


  • Kyle B.

    I figured Thorton would dress as Ivanans…

    Maybe he’d actually get into the line-up!

  • Deelo

    I was gonna as Roman Cechmanek…I figure if people threw stuff at me it would all go 5-hole.

  • Marc Nathan

    I seriously considered covering myself from head to toe in week old swiss cheese, to present a history of Kings goaltending since the early 80s…

    but the stench would compare to having to sit through all of last season.

  • Landon Thomas

    Wearing my Kopitar jersey and watching the game as my girlfriend hands out candy. Good one Deelo.

  • Eklund

    Microphone, high-heels, over-sized sunglasses, fur coat and a skirt. I’m going as a “Gossip Queen!”


  • Dan Cloutier

    An NHL caliber starting goalie

  • CUP4LA

    I’m dressing up as blue faux hawk girl.

  • Paul

    If I were going, I’d wear a Ducks jersey. Not many things more gruesome or scary than that.

  • Gary Bettman

    I’m going as the NHL commissioner.

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