Calder injured

Kyle Calder fractured his left thumb when he was hit with a slap shot early in the third period last night and will require surgery. Crawford said Calder is out at least two weeks and perhaps a lot longer. The team will call someone up from Manchester later this afternoon. I’d think Brady Murray is the most likely candidate.

“If he just needs plates and screws in the thumb, then he’ll be re-evaluated in two weeks and that would be the good side of it,” Crawford said. “If they have to do more invasive surgery or a reconstruction, then it will obviously be a little longer. We’re all hopeful it will be the less severe one that will require him to have the cast on two weeks, and then we’ll start from there.”

Calder, who scored the Kings’ lone goal in Wednesday’s 4-1 loss to Columbus, has been the best of the team’s offseason acquisitions. He was nicknamed “Grease” by teammates for his gritty play. He has three goals and three assists in 13 games.

“We’ve been pleased with how he’s progressed,” Crawford said. “He’s got an injury now. That’s part of the game. It’s unfortunate but someone else will get a good opportunity now and that’s how we’ll look at it.”

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  • jcharris99

    And so it begins…

  • Darren

    Maybe Moulson gets his first recall? Thornton probably will get to see some ice time now as well.

  • gggbdfan

    I was pretty unhappy about the one week layoff after this Saturday night, but now……….could have been another two games without Calder, hmmmm

  • Pierroth

    That’s a tough break (no pun intended).

  • Aaron

    When are Allison and Deadmarsh coming back?

  • anthony

    What about Thornton.
    Why are we gonna recall someone from Manchester when we already have a healthy forward ready & eager to play.
    Look, I’m no fan of Thornton. I don’t even know why Lombardi signed him to begin with. His talent level is only equal to that of Zeilers.
    If Thonton is scratched for the next game in favor of a minor leaguer, it will just demonstrate that Crow has little or no confidence in Scott’s ability to contribute.
    Does anyone agree.

    Oh yes, now I remember why Lombardi signed him two years ago. It’s because he’s an ex-shark player.
    Lombardi has a thing for ex-sharks & ex-flyers you know.
    I hope its no longer contageous.

  • anthony.

    You know what guys?

    You’re right I have been a Debby Downer. From now on I’m just gonna sit back content in the knowledge that if I actually was smarter then Crow or DL, teams would have been beating down my door instead of theres two years ago.

    Further more Ive come to the realization that you guys might be getting sick of me complaining about the same thing over and over and over again. So from now on Im gonna rack my brain and come up with entirely new things to endlessly bitch about. No more will you have to hear about how if Sully was on the 1st line we would be 12-0, or if we hadnt wasted so much money on Handzus we would have been able to sign Drury, Gomez AND Breire.

    From now on its all Kopitars fault

  • the real anthony

    Very childish anthony II.
    I never knew I had a clone.

    Next time why not post your real name instead of acting like a delinquent.
    Very low, whoever you are.

  • JGS

    They say imitation is the highest form of flattery…

    I would also like to see Thornton get to wear the “A” on the ice again. While he hasn’t been the most effective, I would like to see what a weeks worth of pine has done for him.

  • Atraya

    “If he just needs plates and screws in the thumb…” – Love this line from Crawford. =)

  • Goon Squad

    If you think Thornton’s talent level is equal to Zeiler’s, you obviously never saw Thornton score 26 goals. His upside is far better than Zeiler or Ivanans will ever be, but yes he is in the twilight of his career. People around here forget that you need reserve players on the roster at all times and you don’t want them to be kids sitting around not playing. Furthermore, IF this team makes the playoffs Thornton is exactly the kind of guy who knows how to go into the trenches.

    You know Anthony, you don’t have to post something on EVERY topic. The consensus around here is becoming very clear that your opinions are not well informed, nor are they well thought out. Take your time, think things through and post what you KNOW. Please.

  • deacon blue

    Great. Now we have “duelling anthonys.” My biggest laugh off the internet in a long time was the other day when anthony criticized Mark Crawford for saying the predictable after the loss to Columbus. It was funny because what anthony says is always…predictable. At least until the new anthony came along.

  • Mark

    Hey Anthony if you spent less time being a Tammy Tampon and just stick to just analyzing the game and team people would take you more seriously. The only thing everyone hears from you is I hate Dean Lombardi and I have nothing new to provide. Thornton was brought in the same reason why Klemm was brought in. Thornton’s experience is worth more than his actual game just like your mouth works harder than your brain. GIVE IT A REST!!!!!