The memo

As I posted before, the players received a memo today titled, “Key Factors Late Game With Lead.” When asked about it after practice, Marc Crawford was none too happy and said, “There’s nothing to it. You shouldn’t have seen it.” But then, pressed a bit to share his thoughts on the topic, Crawford opened up a bit.

“We’re always trying to do the right things,” Crawford said. “We’re trying to, again, keep guiding our players to continually give themselves the best chance to win games. The way that you win games is to have good habits. You have things that you want teams to do with the lead and you have things you want them to do without the lead as well. It’s advancing the puck, protecting the puck, making good plays, making sure plays and working hard. It’s a lot of cliches. It’s not very exciting and it doesn’t make for very good copy but it does win games.”

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