What’s going on?

It’s worth noting that among all of the things the Kings are doing wrong, goaltending is rarely mentioned these days. For the most part, Jason LaBarbera has been solid, and when I pointed out to him that the team’s goaltending hasn’t come under fire lately, he deadpanned, “Well, that’s good.” On a serious note though, I asked him if he was able to separate his own play from the team’s fortunes.

“I feel pretty good about my game,” LaBarbera said. “It’s hard to get too excited about it, because obviously the results aren’t there. It’s frustrating when you feel like you’ve played well and you still lose, but that goes with the territory. My job is to keep the puck out of the net as much as possible. I feel good about the way I’ve been playing, but the results aren’t there. That’s the frustrating part.”

I asked LaBarbera about what he believes needs to turn around.

“We’re not doing enough of the little things for the whole 60 minutes,” LaBarbera said. “Against the teams we’ve been playing, some of the top teams in the league, you can’t do that. We’re right there with them, but we have to play a complete game.

“It’s a mindset, I think. It’s about confidence and believing in each other and doing the things that we need to do in order to get wins. Obviously — and it’s not an excuse or anything — but those teams have a little bit more experience in tight games and in the playoffs than we do. But I guess that’s how you gain experience, is by going through these kind of things. We just need to learn from them. Obviously it’s frustrating when you lose these games, but if you don’t learn from them and get better from them, that’s the worst part.”

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  • anthony

    There’s so much a goalie can do for a team.
    His GAA is only 2.54. That’s better than the league average. It would have been under 2.00 if it wasn’t for Blakes & Lubos poor play.
    Babs is a rare bright spot for the team this year.
    I feel comfortable with him as our goalie.

  • Paincorp

    Jason has played unbelieveably well. He was shaky in the beginning, but since I’ve noticed him playing more upright and using his size, he’s so much better. He needs to watch some tape on Turco on how to handle the puck, but other than that, he’s been a huge bright spot! I’ve felt bad for him too many times this season when his D has let him down. He’s also had to bail them out WAY too much. It’s good to not have the goaltending excuse. Now the team has to be accountable for their own play.

  • Gord

    Watching saves like his soccer style stop on that Shark wraparound, and that pad on Bertuzzi last night (right before the 3rd goal)are enough to keep him blameless. He may scramble from time to time, but at least it shows he cares enough to be bothered.

  • I like LaBarbera. I was angry last year about him starting the season in Manchester. The dude speaks his mind well in interviews as well as he plays on the ice. I used to think that the players played with more confidence when he was in net, but i guess not.