Gretzky replaced

One thing I forgot to mention in the Jon Klemm note is that Klemm moved into Wayne Gretzky’s empty locker next to Michael Cammalleri. Gretzky and the four other Kings with retired numbers have empty stalls at the Toyota Sports Center practice facility as a tribute to the team’s history. Gretzky is out, at least temporarily. No word if this had anything to do with the team he coaches, Phoenix, beating the Kings twice so far this season.

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  • jack handy

    dear kings,

    congrats on being ranked the 27th worst team in the NHL!!!

    you have the same record as the worst team in the NHL, the edmonton oilers

    “The Kings have lost six of seven and scored just five goals in the last five games.”


    obviously tsn hasn’t peep’d crow’s ‘how to win a game’ handout.

  • DRS

    The Kings are 29th best or 2nd worst team in the NHL.

  • jack handy

    i hate it when i make a glaring mistake…

    dear kings,

    my apologies.

    as it stands you are the second worst team in the NHL.

    you are exactly 2 points ahead of the powerhouse washington capitals who have 17 points.


  • mike calnan

    Hey guys any response about Al Strachan’s article


    Not to mention, I believe they have just the same amount of points they did a year ago at this time. Even with all of the FA signings over the summer…so I think its clear what the problem is…CRAWFORD MUST GO.

  • Daniel

    ESPN has them at 29, just above 8-win Washington. And they picked up on the take-home memo:

    Bottom line is, no matter how close we are to 8th place, the Kings have 9 wins in 23 games. Only Toronto and Washington have less. Over an 82-game schedule, they are on pace for a 32-win season, which means – no playoffs. But, time will tell.

  • jack handy



    i rarely look at ESPN but in this case i wish that i had.

    i’m also glad the reporter added the last line.

    With just one win in seven games, the Kings are resorting to take-home handouts called “Key Factors Late Game With Lead.” No, we’re not kidding.