Ivanans on playing with mask

Playing with a full face mask protecting his fractured cheekbone, Ivanans still played a physical game against the Ducks on Sunday. He had pounded Kent Huskins into the boards in the first period and was called for boarding. He was involved in two heated gatherings in the first period but was limited in what he could do in that situation.

“It feels all right. I can still do the same things except the fighting. I have to be patient. It’s frustrating when there’s scrums and stuff and you can’t really go 100 percent, but that’s the way it is. I’ll be better in a couple of weeks.”

There was one scuffle late in the first period when Ivanans tried to come to the defense of Jack Johnson, who was hit hard into boards. A Ducks player — I believe it might have been Todd Marchant but I’m not positive — grabbed at Ivanans mask and pulled it up a bit before letting go.

“That’s how the Ducks are — dirty,” Ivanans said. “Of course it gets you mad. There’s nothing I can do right now except grab a guy and say a few words.”

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  • BallPointHammer

    I think the Kings have played better – more physical and better hustle – since Ivanans and Calder got back in the line-up. Even though Ivanans got a penalty when he nailed Huskins, that was a good play. IMO Calder would work well on one of the top two lines. He has some talent and plays the grinder/mucker role well. Plus, the four lines can have some more balance.

  • Paincorp

    “That’s how the Ducks are — dirty,” Ivanans said

    This should be the friggin’ mantra of the ‘invisible’ rivalry we have with Anaheim. Plaster this quote around some locker rooms, newspapers, magazines, t-shirts, radio shows, etc. and I guarantee the next game between us and them will be REALLY good.

    Rich…how about plastering this in BIG letters as a headline to your next story in the Daily News?

  • Brent

    He wasn’t wearing a full mask against Anaheim. If you look he was just wearing the half shield.

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