Sharks 2, Kings 2

The Sharks scored on the power play. Ozolinsh took the point shot and LaBarbera made the save, but the rebound got kicked out to Rivet. With LaBarbera out off his line, trying to grab the puck, Rivet basically fired at an empty net and scored to tie the game. There are 15 minutes remaining in regulation.

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  • Gord

    O’Sullivan just drew another Sharks penalty, I think thats like his third of the game….they’ve gotta start using them.

    Ooo, 5 on 3 coming up. It’ll be a long one too.

  • dominic lavoie

    labs did all he could. quite a sequence there and he made some great saves…call on Stuart was as iff as the call for against the sharks later for hooking Nagy.

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