LaBarbera update

LaBarbera’s injury is in the rib cartilage. There is no fracture. He was scheduled to be looked at by a chest specialist today. Crawford wouldn’t give a timetable on his return. It sounds like it will be at least a few games.

Here’s what Crawford had to say: “He is not on injured reserve yet. I think we’ll know more here seeing how he reacts. I’ve had that injury and it’s painful. It’s tough to breathe and tough to move. Right now, he’s not able to do anything until the pain subsides. I expect he’ll be out a little bit of time, just how long I’m not prepared to say right now. We’re hoping Jason is not going to be long and that he will heal quickly.”

Aubin will start tonight and the plan is for him to be the regular starter until LaBarbera returns. Jonathan Quick probably will only see action if LaBarbera is out longer than expected or perhaps if Aubin really struggles (or, of course, gets hurt).

“J-S is going to be the guy that’s going to play,” Crawford said. “We have every confidence that he’ll play well. He’s shown before he’s able to get on a roll and carry a team like he did in Toronto. That’s what we’re looking for. Jonathan has to be prepared to play, but J-S is the one who is going to get the opportunity.”

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    There ya go Crawford, pray to the GODS that Aubin can be spectacular and steal two points. That’s going to be about the only way this team is gonna get a win….LAME.

  • Mop

    Good luck Aubin & Quick. This is going to be fun.

  • Deelo

    It is like a curse how this keeps happening.

    2 Years ago Barbs was on the verge of stealing the #1 away before a family tragedy. He was not the same when he came back.

    Last year Garon was looking good and had replaced Cloutier as the starter. He gets a bruised shoulder and then a groin injury.

    This year, LaBarbera is looking like an NHL goaltender and this happens. Just no luck.

    Aubin and Quick DOES look better than Fukufuji and Brust though. One more injury and we may be re-vitalizing the career of Burke again. It’s a shame that Ersberg is hurt. I was hoping to see him play sometime.

  • Josh

    your all so negative. why are you kings fans if all you do is hate everything the team does? i hope aubin, gauthier and quick do well. go kings!!


    Hey guys, Josh wants to know why everyone is so negative…

    Hey Josh, go look at the standings and come back and ask that same question. Thanks, bye.

  • Dan H.


    Most people are frustrated and this board is usually pretty constructive. It’s hard not to try and vent when your team plays this bad year in and out.

    Our goaltending issues last year were no secret and boy oh boy were we all thinking that we finally had THAT problem solved so they could work on the other holes that needed filling.

  • 40 year fan

    Hey Josh, let me guess. You are younger than 40, right?

  • KingFan4ever

    Two words: Felix Potvin

  • Gord

    Well, before this is over I expect Quick to either shine or be left to the wolves, and either way it will be well before his time. He’s more a victim of circumstance than anything.

  • BGB

    Hey Rich and/or Matt,

    Any word on the league reviewing the “incident?”

  • triplcrown

    I don’t understand.

    Why didn’t Smyth get at least a 2, and possibly 4-minute spearing penalty?

    That still bothers me.

  • Ethman

    Ryan Smyth must pay…..

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