The meeting

When the players arrived Sunday, they were told there would be no practice. So it wasn’t just a matter of the meeting going long.

Here’s what Crawford had to say about the meeting: “It was a lot of instructional and a lot of comments on what we’re seeing as a coaching staff, and some interchange on what they’re seeing as players. Also a lot of comments about how we’ve been, a team that has got to find more high-level play than the dips that we’ve shown.”

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  • Harry

    Some one has to take CRAWFORD to a meeting!!!

  • jack handy


    talking heads doing just that … talking.

    i feel ugly.

  • Tim


    Thanks, for the 411. Here’s a couple of questions for both you and Rich.

    1. In your opinion, what is wrong with the Kings? Is it a player problem, or a management problem.

    2. Talking with the players, is there a sense of a winning attitude, or are they honestly upset with there performance as of right now? There comments are always “we are frustrated with the outcome of the game, and we need to find a way to hold on to a lead… ” Do they mean that, or are they just saying what we all want to hear?

    3. Is it just as hard to report on them as it is to watch them play?

    Always, you guys are doing a great job.

    Many thanks!

  • Questioner

    Could you ask Crawford and Lombardi if there is at least SOME level of expectation? Can they be expected to take the best of Taylors team, add their free agents and finish 15th in the Conference and still be held to NO STANDARD? Do they expect to at least finish 14th, 13th? At what point do the coach and GM have at least SOME accountability???