Crawford’s reaction

Here’s what Marc Crawford told The Associated Press tonight, regarding the Bertuzzi/Moore report:

“I don’t think this is the forum to be talking about that. We’ve got enough of our own issues here with the Los Angeles Kings. Those are the things that I’m concerned about. I’m not concerned about anything that’s said otherwise.”

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  • Zad

    I do agree with him that a post game interview is not the forum to discuss that. He should be given the chance to read the report and then give a formal statement or a press conference, if he so wishes.

  • Eric K

    “We’ve got enough of our own issues here with the Los Angeles Kings.”

    understatement of the year?

  • MontrealKing

    Starting to look like MC is barrowed time. Team just looks like it’s not playing any system at all…and now this. You just know DL has to be happy.

  • John


  • The Ex-Sportswriter

    So now we know why nobody on the Kings will go out and hit anybody on the opposing team, especially forwards who break their sticks in a Kings goalie’s ribs.

    Quite interesting and enlightening.

    Now, maybe we can get somebody in here who can coach, and motivate. Obviously, Crawford’s time is done in L.A. with the current free-fall.

    Maybe Crawford can take Armstrong, Nagy, Klemm, and whatever other non-performing pieces with him. Don’t let the door hit you on your backside on your way out.

  • Darren

    Riggghhtt! I’m sure he wants to forget about the “other” mess as quickly as possible because this mess out on the ice night after night continues to steam. How do you finally clean up a pile of crap? Off the dog.

    MC is killing any trade value Preissing, Klemm, and Nagy have. Time to bring old yeller out back and fix this problem.

  • jack handy

    wow… something other than the feel good fluff we’ve been hearing from Crow.

    i don’t need to hear about the positives until there is drastic actions taken to turn this sinking ship around.

    someone please do something… anything.

  • Pierroth

    Expect Crawford to scribble “Canadian Press” on the board before tonight’s game and declare that they must “pay the price.”

  • NMKingsFan

    Not that I am a big Crawford fan, but you know if Crawford gets fired, Dave Lewis will be named the new head coach. AEG will just use someone already on the books as a money saving measure and I don’t think Lewis can do any better than Crawford with this team. Plus, I would hate to see those 20 shots per game on TV of Lewis behind the bench with that silly Hitler mustache. Shave the damn thing!
    If anything, I would like to see a rookie coach come in to take over, not some other team’s retread. Murray and Melrose did well as new coaches, until Melrose got too concerned about his mullet and how he looked on TV.
    It’s too early in the season to be thinking about draft positioning, but that’s what I find myself doing. Don’t forget to cheer against Dallas, we have their first rounder too.

  • anthony

    Sounds like a reaction of a desperate man.
    Maybe somebody whose days are numbered.

    Now DL has to fire him. Otherwise, this may turn out to be a major distraction for the rest of the team. Which they don’t need.

    If DL doesn’t take this seriously and fire MC, then AEG should fire him.

  • Jesse


  • David

    What are the Neanderthal’s a.k.a. Gary Bettman & Colin Campbell going to do about these allegations surrounding Crawford, and Brian Burke for that matter? Does this warrant disciplinary action nearly four years after the ugly incident? Bertuzzi’s very fortunate to have been reinstated by the NHL.

  • Nick

    Hey Rich, rumor has it the Ducks are shopping O’Donnell and Beauchemin; both tough, mean D man that the Kings lack. You think Lombardi has any interest…?

    Kings would have to send Klemm down and probably trade a Dallman or Modry to make room, but it adds a different element to the team.

  • Danielle

    Really, what is there to respond to? Saying someone must pay the price, in hockey, means go out and knock him around a bit, maybe start a fight. It doesn’t mean sucker punch him from behind, drive him down to the ice, and break his neck.

  • where is Charlie Simmer when you need him?

    I’ve defended Crawford and thought that we should give him time to get these guys on the same page. I think with the talent that he has there is no excuse for the way that this team has played – the lack of heart, lack of consistency, lack of grit and desire to knock your opponent into next week. I now believe it is time for him to go. I want to caution those of you who have continually bashed Crow and DL based on a game to game performance though – and I suspect that most of you have never laced up a pair of skates, taken a slap shot that actually got off the ice or received a check that lands you on your ass wondering what the hell hit you (i.e. Anthony) – we’ve all suffered for being faithful to the Kings – some of us more than others. This is the first time in many years that a “foundation” seems to be forming. I agree that some changes need to be made but we need to continue to be patient. I’d much rather build a winner than buy one. There is no glory in having a Cup given to you although I suspect that some of you who buy tickets because you enjoy the fights might disagree. That is not the hockey that I grew playing and learned to love.

  • Tito Jackson

    Trade Modry? What? Thats crazy.

  • Josh

    I agree. I hate Crawford and I hope he gets fired but…..
    The report says he pointed to Moore’s name and said he had to pay. That does not mean break his neck and end his career. That just means finish your checks on him and maybe start a fight. This is a pointless topic compaired to what Crawford is doing to the Kings.

  • Martyr

    Hey rich, How is Drew Bagnall doin?

  • Them

    The sharks are circling… and i don’t mean the ones from san jose.

  • Maverick

    Sure Crawford should be canned, but this has nothing to do with it. He didn’t tell Bertuzzi to break Moore’s neck. He only pointed him out as someone that needed to be roughed up in retaliation of his earlier hits on Sundin. That is part of the game and a post-game interview is hardly the place to talk about it. Anyone with half a brain would wait to consult and release a statement. But the media is overhyping this and it has no bearing on anything, Crawford should be fired but not for this.

  • chris99

    And that was the last time any player ever listened to Crawford again.

  • Gord

    Grilling Crow over the actions of a shaved ape 4 years ago is retarded. He should be grilled as to what the hell is going on here and now.

    Does anyone else think we should trade for someone like O’Donnell, who can bust some heads for us? I’m pretty sure we can burn a third or fourth rounder or something (I’m assuming it’ll be a high end draft pick that Burke would love to get his hands on) considering we have two picks in the first round this year.

    Only problem is other teams may offer more, and for someone more expensive like Schneider.

  • jack handy

    regardless of tonights outcome; this is my 2 cents:

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  • Anonymous

    Soon, the Canadian press will reveal that Crow was the second shooter on the “grassy knoll”…

  • Kevin

    So Crawford ordered the Code Red?

  • nykingfan

    Charlie Simmer,

    I agree with everything you said. Rome wasn’t built overnight and we haven’t given DL the chance to build a winner. The youth of the Kings will determine whether we will win in the next 5 years. These vets we have won’t be around to see it or screw it up..

    That has nothing to do with Crawford’s job. His job is to get the team to play to its potential and play hard every night. He’s failed miserably and should go.

  • Bring Back Melrose

    We need a new coach. Crawford can’t have his team compete on a consistent level. We should pry Bowman or sign the mullet.

  • Eric K

    quick is starting in goal. first line: kopitar, zeiler, ivanans. curse you, mark crawford.

    update: zeiler takes a penalty 20 seconds in.

  • guille

    i want Crow’s head on a gold platter lol