• Maverick

    I am not very happy about this, he seems like, at least to me, in the first couple of minutes that he is unsure and not really ready to be there. Kopitar also started on the Ivanans and Zeiler line… So that tells you already how this is going to start off 😛

  • Anonymous

    What the hell? I miss the start of the game and this happens. God’s speed Quick. Hey Browner just scored. Neat.

  • Eric K

    nice to help your guy with two erly goals, huh?

  • Maverick

    WOW… That save Quick just made on that 3 on 1 was pretty impressive. This may end up a good game though I am sure the worse is still to come, the Kings seem shaky in their own zone, especially with a rookie goalie.

  • Gord

    Modry?! Holy flipping ass!

  • Maverick

    Got to hand it to the Kings, that is about the best start they could possibly have. 4-0 after the first period… If they blow this lead I am going to pull my hair out.

  • fordking

    maverick, lay-off the pipe, Buffalo is a good team they will create a lot of chances

  • Maverick

    Did I somehow/somewhere hint that the Sabres were a poor team and wouldn’t create any chances?

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