Kings lose 4-1 to Dallas

Crawford did give Quick the start, then pulled him after allowing three goals in the second period. Aubin finished it off saving all 10 shots on goal. Preissing scored the lone goal for the Kings. No fights this game.

The Kings are tied with Phoenix and Washington for fewest points in the NHL, and the Kings have played one more game than both of those teams.

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  • Eric K

    labs, you can’t heal soon enough. nothing against quick, but he’s just not ready.


    Good thing Dumbardi passed up on Bryzgalov.

  • Reaper

    How did he pass on Bryzgalov again when he was gone off the waiver wire before the Kings even picked?

    After this game, all I have to say is Stamkos or bust.

  • anthony


    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m really getting tired of watching the _hit on T.V. and from my Booth.
    Most teams have either a bad coach or a bad G.M. but unfortunately we have them both.
    With Fro & Nagy on the IR, one would think we would call up the highest scoring player in the entire AHL (Purcell) to help boost our scoring.
    Instead, our brilliant G.M. in his infinite wisdom relies on Jeff Guliano. Hence, our goaltending is simply atrocious. We need help between the pipes or NO PLAYOFFS. Our G.M. relies upon Aubin and a rookie named Quick.
    As far as our gentle coach is concerned, I’m tooooo tired to sound like a broken record.

    I believe that O’Sullivan should be playing with Kopitar and Brown. Lately, Cami has been pulling a Nagy on the team. I’m sure he’ll get out of this mini-slump because he is a great player. But today, Sully was all over the ice and was completely noticeable.
    I have to agree Marc Nathan’s comment about Sully having best raw offensive talent on the team. And by the way Nathan, the reason why he’s been a Minus lately is because our goalies have been giving up alot of soft goals. Do you agree.

    What needs to be done is:
    Trade for a goalie. You just can’t wait for Babs to return, otherwise we’ll be eliminated soon.
    Recall Purcell, Matt Moulson, And Brian Boyle to add some offense and size to our team.
    Waive or trade Scott Thornton (useless & worthless) Ivanans, and Kevin Dallman.
    Maybe we still might have a chance this season.

  • NMKingsFan

    “What needs to be done is:
    Trade for a goalie. You just can’t wait for Babs to return, otherwise we’ll be eliminated soon.
    Recall Purcell, Matt Moulson, And Brian Boyle to add some offense and size to our team.
    Waive or trade Scott Thornton (useless & worthless) Ivanans, and Kevin Dallman.
    Maybe we still might have a chance this season.”
    Aha!! Thanks Anthony for another brilliant post, you gave me a positive out of tonight.
    Thank god we have Lombardi as a GM and not Anthony.

  • Hello, I’ve been a Kings fan since 1989 and my favorite team in all of sports has become a group of Emotional Terrorists.

    I live in NY now (originally from Huntington Beach) and watch every Kings game religiously on the Center Ice package. The Kings (and Lakers) are my real connections to home. I work on a trading floor here and let me just say that staying up each night until 1:30am only to wake up 4hrs later to get ready for work takes a toll.

    But I do it because I love the Kings. However watching the team has become so incredibly painful. I’m not going to say that the players aren’t trying because you know what, I actually do think they’re trying hard. I’m not going to say that the goaltending is the problem because I think it’s unrealistic to expect a goalie to hold the other teams to only 2 goals a night. Anyone who has really watched each game knows that there are more than enough times that we’ve left our goalie stranded to make a big save. Anyone who loved the Kings in the early 90s knows that for every few brilliant saves Hrudey made he let in the odd soft goal. And that’s ok.

    I’m not going to be extreme and say that I don’t like the team or anything. No no. I mean I’m still trying to figure out if I can fly out to Pittsburgh for 12hrs to watch the Kings/Pens game in Feb in addition to the games in New York and Jersey.

    I’m just going to say that it sucks following a team which can’t even put a two game winning streak together. It sucks watching a team that sometimes looks like it’s doing a breakout from behind their own goal for the first time. It sucks watching a team where the coach changes the lines so much that no line has any chemistry.

    Hockey is like bowling. In bowling if you hit 9 pins down each frame you’ll have a low low score, but the moment you pick up that extra pin for spares and strikes your score rises astronomically. Likewise having an awesome first line is great, but the moment you get two scoring lines going it ruins an opposition’s ability to put out their “stopper” line against you and play match-ups because they have to respect two lines. In theory the harder it makes it for your top line the easier it makes it for yoru second line. (How discouraging was it for other teams when after Gretz-Granato-Sandstrom went off the ice you had to put up with Robitalle and Kuri?)

    Finally I feel bad for Barbs. He was doing good a few years ago when he took that leave of absence and then came back a littie different. This year he really started getting things going and had that unfortunate injury. I hope he can bounce back. I don’t think the Kings goalie probs are as bad as everyone else; you don’t have to have Marty Brodeur to be a winner in the league.

    We just need consistancy. I know that right now the Kings are just a 3 or 4 game winning streak from being back into the thicks things, but I’m not sure if we can win 2 in a row…this season. It just sucks that I used to take for granted a team that wins more games than it lost; a team that looked confident and poised; a team which made me feel good about only getting 4hrs of sleep.

    I struggle in NY with the idea of wondering why am I here versus my ideal life of going back to SoCal and having Kings season tickets. I guess I could bring back a lot of hockey by supporting the Rangers or Devils, but it’s not the same. I’m stuck being a Kings fan and lately it just sucks.

    Sincerely, a life long Kings fan
    – Shakes

    ps: a big shout out to all the Kings fan I met out in London this year, I was the Indian guy who flew out with my dad just to watch our team

  • Pokey

    Yo NMKingsfan,
    You’re not only in denial but a joke if I ever saw one.
    Although, often I don’t agree with Anthony, he makes a valid point.
    Under this current trend set by DL and MC we’re headed in the wrong direction and in last place. Most of what Dl and Mc are doing is backwards. If things continues the way they are we’re gonna end up in last place.
    NMKings fan, seems like your way of thinking is also backwards. Do some critical thinking before you open up that hole in your pretty boy face.

  • Nick

    at the beginning of the season I disagreed with anthony on most things he said, but now i completely agree… call up what we’ve got, let them get their experience in the NHL now so they will be ‘veterans’ and know what it takes to win at the NHL level by the time they’re 24-25 yrs old, rather than having them break into the nhl then. please waive thornton, get rid of ivanans. trade willsie if anybody will take him…

  • sense13

    Wow, idiots galore! Anyone who thinks we should get rid of Ivanans knows nothing about hockey! We already have the softest team in the league and you want to get rid of our only tough guy? Why don’t you knuckleheads wait until his shield comes off and see what a difference maker he is on our team. He may not be a scorer out on the ice, but every team needs a guy like Ivanans.

    As for MC and DL remark, I agree that one or both should be gone. I do have some reservation with DL as he has done a good job of drafting but the fact that he’s put together the softest team in the league is just inexcusable.

    As for the goalie situation…you guys just don’t seem to get that if we were to put Luongo in our net, he would just be ordinary because rest of our team is not playing to their capability. Aubin played well tonight and Quick well, he’s still raw but you can’t blame him.

    I think there has to be changes made and we have a lot of options. I just hope something happens real soon because our play or lack there of is getting really tiring.

  • Tim

    Fellas, fellas, fellas! Where’s the xmas cheer!! Listen, I to haven’t been a fan of Anthony’s comments, but his comments this time are very valid. We need to find some suckers that will take Thornton, and Willie. If we throw in Dallman we might get a six pack and a happy meal. It’s time to let some of the guys down in the “A” a chance so show there stuff. Now’s a good time with Nagy and Fro out for a while. Maybe the Blues can use a few more vets…

  • John Roy Morgan

    The Kings are totally out classed by the good teams in the NHL.(which are most of them)
    Any hope for this year for a cup contender is a waste of emotional energy.
    There has to be something in the water that screws up any player who comes here. They leave and become great players. This also happens to the coaches.
    Is it the laid back off ice time in L.A. that kills the fire?
    Seems the only time the Kings win is when the other teams don’t give it all because the Kings aren’t a threat.

  • ian

    anthony if youre so tired of it go and be a effing ducks fan so we can stop having to read your tired rants

  • Anonymous

    14 losses away from elimination

  • Paincorp

    I’m not in favor of trading ANYONE until this coach is fired. I cannot in good conscience, expect the players to do much when their lines are changed every 5 minutes. Anze with Ivanans & Zeiler??? WTF?

    The scoring stats prove we have plenty of scoring talent. This team has proven they can play 60 minutes. This team has proven they can take the body and control play. This team has shown solid defensive performances. This team has had solid goaltending performances.

    When a coach has pieces like this and doesn’t produce, it is DIRECTION that is lacking, NOT talent. It is DISCIPLINE that is lacking, NOT heart. It is LEADERSHIP that is lacking, NOT grit.

    F O C U S PEOPLE!!!!!

    Anyone who blames players at this point is simply frustrated and looking to vent. My only issue with a player was Blake and his lack of nad and to his credit, he lit his balls on fire. It’s made a difference. The coach is supposed to CONTROL and DIRECT that fire into WINS. Right now, Marc Crawford is directing that fire into disarray with his constant line shifting and ‘blase’ press conference demeanor when explaining his failures.

    Accountability folks. DL has it in his acquiring of youth and plan for the future. He loses it if he allows Crawford to continue to dismember any continuity this team has for that future to come into.

    Crawford is not being held accountable. Atlanta did it in the first 6 games. Dallas did it after the ‘Royal Rebound’ with their GM. I, as a fan with some decent knowledge about how the game should be played, DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY FROM THIS TEAM!

    If Dean cannot do what is right and necessary because he doesn’t have the fortitude to do so…OR he is too busy playing ‘SCOUT’ to be a GM, then HE needs to go as he has NOT assumed the full responsibilities of his position. Crow may be fun to talk hockey with Dean. He may have a lot of great ‘Paper’ or ‘Whiteboard’ ideas. That doesn’t make him a coach. It makes him an ASSISTANT coach. He needs to motivate AND lead AS WELL AS have these ideas to be a head coach.

    Dean, you are allowing our current team to die. Not exactly what I believe is a ‘Proper’ or ‘Ideal’ motivating environment to bring our youth into. Our current team is just as important as our future and you are ignoring that by allowing Crow to dissect and cripple this team with his ‘Whiteboard experiments’. I’m literally begging you to let him go and move on. Do what is right for this team so we can move forward in creating an environment where prospects WANT to come because they have a chance to WIN and not just succeed in an NHL career.


  • Daniel

    Anthony – please learn something/anything about hockey. As I posted at 5:58 PM on an earlier string:

    “Also, prior to tonights game, the Kings have 89 goals, second most in their division and 6th in the Western Conference. Goals against, they are dead last. So, do the line changes affect that? Obviously, the teams troubles are all about the D and the Goalie.”

    No, it is NOT the ‘O.’ It is the ‘D’ and the Goalies. So, what you should be asking is – why aren’t Harrold and Petiot up in LA yet? Maybe the answer is in who they had to choose with the overall #4 pick last June. Maybe the Kings have been treading water longer than we thought (under Dave Taylor, no disrespect intended.) Look, it is obvious that the King answer for the Kings is not a quick turn-around. This is something that will take time and patience. And if you can’t handle it, I would be more than happy to take your “booth” off your hands.


  • kingskicka$$

    Tony Granato for Head Coach.

  • Anonymous

    I really felt bad for Quick tonight, he was just not ready . But isnt this the same as always guys? Think of the goalies we have had? i think we are 2nd on the list of most goalies in just a few years. Hell we have had some good ones that just died as soon as they became kings lol. Or even better become better as soon as they leave. Garon anyone? All i know is something has to snap, something has to change, and ya we dont need a great goalie but we need someone that can get the job done, and Labs was looking good but we are just not going to have the time to wait i think. And i think Aubin is ok, but im not sure we have time for him to work threw it too. And hell what happens if he gets hurt? Wow think of how screwed we be then. Just my thoughts on it. I hope some thing happens soon

  • pr0cess

    I really felt bad for Quick tonight, he was just not ready . But isnt this the same as always guys? Think of the goalies we have had? i think we are 2nd on the list of most goalies in just a few years. Hell we have had some good ones that just died as soon as they became kings lol. Or even better become better as soon as they leave. Garon anyone? All i know is something has to snap, something has to change, and ya we dont need a great goalie but we need someone that can get the job done, and Labs was looking good but we are just not going to have the time to wait i think. And i think Aubin is ok, but im not sure we have time for him to work threw it too. And hell what happens if he gets hurt? Wow think of how screwed we be then. Just my thoughts on it. I hope some thing happens soon

  • nykingfan

    To all my fellow suffering Kings fans…
    Stop the madness and look at things you’re writing. I understand frustration, but when Paincorp says that it’s not the players fault…who the hell goes out on the ice and gives the puck away? Which Kings employees let fowards get between themselves and their goalie?
    Of course it’s the players fault. Blaming a coach or GM for the players on-ice mistakes is just plain crazy. If it’s a system failure that’s different. This is just bad players making bad plays.

    Now the new craze is lets trade Willsie and Thornton. After what everyone sees out of these players, what a$$hole GM is now going to trade anything for these players or eat the salary? They suck. They were terrible signings, but the bottom line is these players absolutely suck.

    Why start Kopitar with Ivanans and Zeiler?
    It causes a coach to decide whether to use their checking line to start against Kopitar or not. Kopitar usually double shifts in the beginning and goes back out with Cammy and Brown.
    I also like that fact that Zeiler always starts the game with big hits which should be able to jump start the team.

    As for the offensive output of this team….One line has accounted for 50% of the Kings scoring. You can’t win with that type of scoring distribution.
    On this team you have 1 scoring line and 3,I guess you can call them checking lines. Except, they don’t do that either.
    Do we even need to go into the way this team plays in its own end? It’s disgusting!

    Go ahead and fire Crawford, but not even Al Arbour is going to win with this team.
    Someone also mentions the decision by Dallas to fire the GM in mid season. Explain how that can turn around the the product on the ice? The only thing that may have done is give a wakeup call to a good team. They already have the talent to win. We don’t! Lombardi has done a terrible job with his free agent signings, but it’s too late to do anything about that. Any new GM that comes in will still have these players and their contracts on the team. Let’s at least give DL time to see how the young players develop. it’s our only chance.

  • Kevco

    We will lose the next two games to make this a four game losing streak! Merry X-Mas Kings fans!

  • visionquest

    calling up purcell is probably the worst thing you could possibly do for his development. leave him down there for just about the entire year, maybe bring him up for the last ten games of the season. Come on, if success in the A determined success with the big club, OSullivan would have already broken 80pts. Let him grow and develop into a professional hockey player. This team isnt going to win anything this season regardless, dont stunt his development by sending him back and forth between manchester andLA.

  • NMKingsFan

    I saw my first Kings game at the miserable (back then it was nice) Forum in 1972, I have been hooked ever since. I have seen alot of ups and downs with this team and know that it’s not a time to panic every time we lose. Anthony just thinks we can throw young guys from Manchester in and they will make all the difference. Have you looked at Manchester’s record this year? These guys are just learning to play in the professional leagues, it doesn’t happen that fast. While I agree Crawford has to go (look what Murray is doing with a less talented St.Louis), I do believe that Lombardi is building something here. We are STOCKED with prospects.
    I know the pain of watching this team now will make the winning team of the future all that much sweeter.

    And Anthony, stop using the Pokey name as if you have others who agree with you, I know it is you because you used that same silly “hole in your face” line as Anthony, pathetic.

  • 619KingsFan

    I may not always agree with his delivery, but today, I certainly agree with Anthony’s sentiments. We need a second scoring line to develop, soon! And the lack of toughness is really disturbing. Ivanans just doesn’t cut it as an enforcer.

    Who would have thought that losing Tom Kostopolus would have cost the Kings so dearly???

  • Dan H.

    NYKingsfan you have some valid points, but when you have a line scoring goals, you don’t mix them with players like Ivanans and Zeiller…what upside is there? A checking line with one guy that won’t dump the puck in?

    As for the guy that said Ivanans is our only tough guy, you’re right, but he can’t be that physical and he surely can’t fight for a few months because of the iron plates in his face. He’s basically useless.

    We need team toughness and a couple of guys in the mold of Laperriere would be nice. Even Sean O’Donnell from the Ducks is probably available with Neidermayer coming back and he’d add toughness to the team.

    As for the line changes, there’s no excuse to the amount of changes Crawford makes. He sent Moulson down because he wasn’t a 4th line guy then moves Giuliano all over the place during a game. Maybe Rich or Matt can get some off the record no names comments from the players on that but they have to hate it.

    I play in a rec league and if I don’t play with my normal linemate the game usually sucks because I’m playing with someone that has a different style and isn’t where I think they should be…so in the pro’s it has to be that much worse.

  • Matt George


    weeee’re rreeeeebbuiiilldinng riiiight?

    shame on you all for wanting a win!


    MC FIRED????

    but that would be making a change for the better nnooooww.

    Now is not good according to you “10 year rebuilders”.

    Now is bad!

    BAD now! Bad now!

  • John

    One & a third seasons rebuilding Matt George! You really think that’s all it takes??! Delusional Kings that think you just snap your finger & the entire organization is transformed, make this process SO MUCH more grueling that it actually would be if you’d just wake up & see we’re making BIG strides toward building a winning hockey club in Los Angeles!

  • Paincorp

    While I understand your point, putting words in my mouth is hardly reasonable. I never said the players don’t deserve blame, of course they do. I’m saying I would fire Crawford before I would trade any players based on random shades of brilliance by our team at times throughout the season. We need CONSISTENCY. That is a LEADERSHIP thing and falls ON THE COACH’S HEAD TO PROVIDE.

    I see your point regarding Kopi w/ Iv and Z, but what good does it do to put a solid center with 2 muckers? As the opposing coach, I’m putting my checkers and drilling Kopitar first chance I get. Any coach with half a brain would do that. Why put Kopi in danger at the beginning of a game like that. You think Our team is the only one who needs to be fired up? How better to fire up my team than to drill the other team’s best player at the beginning of a game and take him out.

    Again, I don’t see leadership, I see a guy drawing at straws, looking for the biggest one. Read my post again in it’s entirety and see if you get something different now.

    Here’s a bold statement, I’m not a coach, and I could win with this team. That’s why I’m so upset. We have enough talent to get us to the playoffs now. We need more, we may be a 7 or 8 seed, but we have the ability. We’ve beaten good teams handily this season. Erased 4 goal deficits in 5 minutes. The talent is here. We need leadership and direction to win.

  • nykingfan


    It was early in the am on the east coast when I posted it, so if I misquote anyone I apologize, but your quote was:
    “Anyone who blames players at this point is simply frustrated and looking to vent.”
    I took that to mean you were holding them blameless. No offense intended. We’re all reasonable people…except the attorneys. they hang on every word.

    Crawford has done nothing to make me say he should keep his job. I just don’t see the talent others see to make the playoffs.
    The games that we do play well and beat good teams is because the young guys play exceptionally well. Thats the inconsistency you’ll get from young players..good one night, not so good another. On the nights that the young guys don’t have it, you need your veteran players to step up and play well. We all know that doesn’t happen often.
    The hardest thing for a young team to do is win on the road. We don’t win those games because our older players don’t help us win road games.

    As far as Kopitar with Zeiler and Icanans;Crawford only uses that combo at the beginning of games or periods. He does double shift different guys with them during games depending on who is earning extra ice time. My feeling is he does this to throw off the other team as to who they should start. sometimes you’ll get a matchup to start the game that’s favorable for Kopitar.
    I have no fear that teams are going to take runs at Kopitar bec ause he plays with them. Why would they do that and risk their best players to a similar attack? Besides, Kope’s not a dirty player and doesn’t give teams or opposing players reason to go dirty on him. He has a very good reputation in the league.

  • anthony

    NM Kingsfan
    Seems as though you also have a hole in your brain.

    Read the rest of these comments, there are about a half a dozen kings fans you also agree with my post.
    I suppose you think I posted there comments as as well. What an act of desperation on your part.

    NM, do us a favor, get out of your trailer (for once) go back to school and get your GED.
    BTW, say hello to Pronger and Neidermeyer from all of us. You’re no Kings fan. You don’t even understand this sport.

  • dodgrdog88

    Went to the game last night here in Dallas… another pathetic performance. I think I need to re-evaluate things and ask myself why I keep subjecting myself to these terrible performances. It’s one thing to be rebuilding and lose games while giving effort. This team isn’t showing any effort. I told myself when I moved here in March that I would go to just four games a year (the four when the Kings are in town) and so far only one team has showed up in the first three.

    Fortunately the last of the four isnt until near the end of March. Maybe by then, with luck, they’ll show up.

  • NMKingsFan

    Anthony, guess you didn’t get that GED, “there comments” should be “their comments”, “you” should be “that” and you don’t need two “as”.’
    Didn’t move to NM to live in a trailer, I actually became the director of a large museum, sold my house and now live in a house twice the size for half the cost. California is not a dream land anymore.
    Done with you Anthony, I am not going to waste anymore time addressing your stupid comments.

  • sasKing

    Been following this one statistic pretty much all season, and I think we are all quite familiar with it. I’m talking about giveaways. We currently have seven guys –SEVEN! — in the NHL’s top 25 when it comes to this shameful stat:

    1st. Visnovsky, 46
    2nd. Kopitar, 41
    T8th. Brown, 33
    T11th. Frolov, 31
    T19th. Johnson, 29
    T19th. Stuart, 29
    T23rd. Cammalleri, 28

    Now surely we can all see these are our most offensively-minded guys, who undoubtedly are trying to make something happen when they handle the puck. However, there’s no other team up there with any more than three players.

    Yes, names like Ovechkin, Jagr, Malkin, Kovalchuk, Thornton (the good one in San Jose, not this clown we have here) are on the list. But for Ovie’s 39 giveaways, he’s got 30 takeaways. Malkin’s got 25 takeaways to counter his 33 giveaways. No Kings player can make up any more than half of his giveaways.

    Where I’m going with this is that this team has to learn to be more responsible with the puck. As has been suggested, Saint Martin of Brodeur would have trouble posting a GAA under 3 with this charitable activity.

    It’s encouraging to see those sorts of names surrounding the Kings players, but it is most definitely discouraging to see so many Kings near the top of the list. I hope it’s just something that’s a result of inexperience, and I hope it is remedied with time, but these are mistakes that lead to goals. Preventable mistakes. And the only thing we’re preventing right now is the collection of two points at the end of the night.

  • KingsFanInTX

    Went to the the game last night here in Dallas— another pathetic performance by the Kings. No effort whatsoever. I think I need to re-evaluate things and ask myself why I keep subjecting myself to these horrible performances. I realize this team is rebuilding but they’re not even showing any effort out there. It’s one thing to lose while giving 100% effort out there. It’s another thing to not even show up and lose the way they’re losing. I told myself when I moved to Dallas in March that I would go to only four games a year here (the four when the Kings are in town) but so far only one team has showed up in the first three.

    Fortunately, the last of the four here is in March. Hopefully by then, with luck, the Kings will finally decide to show up.

  • John

    Hey anthony, just because you are in the majority doesn’t make you right! Actually in this case it makes you wrong because Kingsfandom has become an insane asylum. Settle people, the corner’s just ahead & we’re about to turn it!!

  • anthony

    NM Kingsfan

    Not only a GED but a J.D.
    Been practicing law in California for over 8 years. Would give you my Bar Number, but you’re hardly worth it. Maybe even too stupid to look it up.

    Must be extremely boring in N.M. that would cause you to waste your time on a Ca. website.
    I would think your toothless roommate in the trailer would be enough company for your insect size brain to handle.
    So go back to herding cattle in N.M. Wouldn’t bend over though, some of those bulls might have horns. But you’re probably used to that by now.

  • Hockey Only

    Has anyone noticed that almost all the teams that the KIngs have played are ALL using the play from behind the net that Dallas has used to score probably 8 to 10 goals against the KIngs, Chicago did the other night, Dallas did it again last night. I have never seen a team so slow on the uptake that doesn’t know what’s coming when the offensive player sets up behind the Kings net. Visnovsky is a great skater and can handle the puck super, but what is with all this falling down, are the skate sharpeners taking the edge off instead of the grind needed?? Lately all I’ve seen Cammy do is coast around looking for the handout. I know he came to his teammates aid the other night, I’m talking about getting in front of the other teams net and doing something if he isn’t going to dig in the corners. As far as trades go, you might see some new faces after Christmas, maybe one or two, but don’t be looking for a new team and goaltenders. I’m wondering just how much talk is going on between the players on the ice, because with some of the poor passes I have observed it’s like no one is expecting the puck to be passed to them. There certainly has been a lot of miscommunication betweeen the Tenders and the skaters. I guess everyone hopes to make the playoffs but when you’ve made as many changes and brought in more new players then the law allows not everything is going to work out the way it was planned, not all players can play together and chemistry is really needed. There are players who don’t talk to each other off the ice but can play well together on it and then there are those players who get along great and couldn’t hit each others ass with a bull fiddle on the ice. It just takes the right combo and TIME. I know, I know we’ve heard that since 1967.

  • KingsFanInTX

    Oooops! Didn’t realize my other post (as dodgrdog88) went through already… my bad.

  • I was’nt sure I would like this site since it was about

    Kings lose 4-1 to Dallas – Inside the Kings

    but I was wrong and thought it was cool and found it on Ask . Thanks and I’ll be back as you update.