Frolov’s return

When it was first announced he would sit with a pulled right groin, Frolov was only expected to miss two or three games. After all, he played in three games after the injury first occurred Nov. 15 against the Ducks. It ended up being 11 games. Frolov was tied for the team lead in points when he went out. He said he didn’t want to return until he was 100 percent, though he admits he’s not quite there.

“I’m pretty close,” Frolov said. “I still feel it a little bit but its OK. I had a really hard practice yesterday and it responded really well. Its a little sore but it should be fine and Im good to go.”

Frolov began the season with a left groin injury and has really only felt healthy for a game or two in the middle of November.

“I really want to be in the lineup,” he said. “Usually when you miss like three weeks or so you need some time to get back on track but I just really want to go out there and do my best. Do whatever I can to help us win.”

Frolov still hasn’t had a full practice with teammates. This has been a problem with LaBarbera as well. The schedule has been so condensed, with nine games in 15 days so far this month plus the traveling on the quick road trip to Chicago and Dallas, that practice time has been limited. Frolov has only skated with the regulars. On Friday, his hard practice was mostly with assistant coaches.

“The injured guys need quality practice with the rest of the group and we’ve had to simulate game-like situations with coaches, with extra players, that sort of thing,” Crawford said. “It hasnt been optimum. Its stifled their progression, I think, a little bit.”

But Crawford is hopeful Frolov can give the team an offensive spark. He’s had to experiment with the lines more than usual to try to generate offense in Frolov’s absence.

“Obviously, we’re excited to have a player of that caliber back in our lineup,” Crawford said. “The last time he played he was outstanding against Anaheim (I believe he means in the Nov. 13 game when he had three assists). He was just a dominant player, the best player on the ice for both teams in that particular game, and it’s unfortunate he hasnt been able to play since.”

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  • anthony

    Hopefully Crawford doesn’t stick him on a line with Thornton & Ivanans.

  • Garrett

    Wow, Phoenix and Washington both won today so the Kings are officially dead last in the entire NHL.

    What are the odds that the NHL’s 3 bottom-dwellers all win on the same night?

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